Summer Planning Guide & Sun Protection Tips

100 Days of Summer!

In the Northern Hemisphere, summer begins from June to September. That only leaves us with certain amount of days to really enjoy it. Summer in Canada means one thing: a whole lot of fun! We’ve all been waiting for the sun and trying to plan exhilarating summer activities can be stressful. Here’s some recommendations and tips that will make an awesome and memorable summer in Toronto or wherever you are.

Summer Recommendations:

  1. Adventure in Canada’s amazing local and national parks to enjoy a picnic. It can be near water, a beach, in the forest, community park or wherever your heart desires. Invite your friends and family to enjoy a delicious meal and drinks with a sunny and beautiful summer scenery.
  2. Grab your friends and take a stroll in Canada’s many monuments. Take the time to discover (or re-discover) your city’s most vibrant and diverse neighbourhoods or attractions. You might find some hidden gems or a brand new experience that you will never forget.
  3. Keep it homey by enjoying the great outdoors with some great company in your backyard or nearby park by hosting a barbeque. All it takes is some good food and drinks to bring all your favourite people together. Picture yourself just having fun with friends and enjoying the sun with clear blue skies.
  4. Gather a group, find a pool and have a summer pool party. Summer may not be super long, but being near water and having a blast seems like time is on your side.
  5. Go for a hike, run or walk. With Canada’s beautiful terrain there is many places to explore. Be free!

Summer Tips:

  1. With Canada’s UV Index ranging from 6 (high) to 9 (very high), we recommend to cover up, wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen when spending a lot of time outdoors and protecting yourself from the sun’s strong ultraviolet light.
  2. Drink lots of water or beverages that will help you stay hydrated and cool.
  3. Most importantly, experience life to the fullest and see the colours of life! Make sure your vision is in tip top condition to continuously see well and the amazing things this world holds. Book an eye exam with us and we will make sure you’re seeing the best for success.

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