Kodak Lens Centerpoint Eyecare is proud to support our neighbours in the North York region.

Nourishing Neighbours

from North York Women’s Shelter

Anyone else get a little hangry sometimes? Guilty as charged! North York Women’s Shelter (NYWS) is on a mission to stock up their emergency pantry with non-perishable goodies. For up to 40 women and their children seeking refuge, these items mean more than just sustenance. They signify hope, comfort, and a community coming together. Join the pantry power and let’s make sure no one goes hungry in their quest for safety and brighter tomorrows at NYWS!


Self-Care Gift Cards for Youth

from Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada

Self-care can be as simple as a bubble bath, or a little shopping trip just for fun. Our friends at the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, located in Toronto, supports children, youth, and families in the child welfare system. They’re on the lookout for Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards, to give out to teens for a chance to indulge in some self-care shopping. Let’s help spread some smiles and little moments of joy to our young neighbours!

Swim Caps for Black Youth

from YMCA of Greater Toronto

Love to swim, but just hate getting your hair wet? If you know, you know! Parents and youth at the YMCA of Greater Toronto, especially Black girls, have voiced concern about the lack of culturally appropriate swim caps provided. This isn’t just about swimming – it’s about representation and access! Providing these swim caps is a small step with a big impact. Let’s help the YMCA of Greater Toronto ensure every child has the chance to dive into the joys of swimming without worrying about their hair!


Why am I seeing this?

Because you’re a part of the Kodak Lens family of customers or fans! We want you to have a say in where our charitable contribution is allocated.

How do you pick the needs?

We partner with Troop, a social enterprise in Toronto to select the local needs we share with you. Troop is on a mission to build communities where basic needs don’t go unmet and we’re joining the mission.

Can I share a need for a local charity?

Yes! If you work with a charity or non-profit and you think they would benefit from sharing their needs with local businesses and customers, you can email the Troop team here: [email protected].


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