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If you are looking for contact lens assessment and fitting in North York, Kodak Lens Centerpoint Eyecare can help. A contact lens is the best way for you to have natural vision while reducing any possible distortions, since lenses move with your eyes. Contact lenses are great for people who might have astigmatism, long-sightedness as well as short-sightedness. The lens works by sitting on the eye surface and provides smooth vision correction.

Contact lens assessment is a simple test that helps to determine whether your eye health is suitable for contact lenses. After the examination schedule, the eye doctor at our North York centre will take some of the measurements needed for the lens to ensure they fit you properly.

Prescription contact lens fitting in North York

In order to get contact lenses for the first time, you will need a contact lens prescription, which is different from an eyeglass prescription. To know your prescription you undergo an eye exam that will help the optometrist detect the changes in your vision and other possible eye problems. The eye prescription will conclude what lens power you require in order to have a healthy vision and will also inform the optometrist of the exact contact lens size you will need, because not all sizes fit everyone.
This is why a regular eye exam or certain vision examinations are so important.

These are all the aspects that the test will measure and assess, and why they are important:


When determining the best contact lens design for you, pupil size can be important as it influences the outcome of your vision. Based on your prescription and visual needs, we can also offer you specialty contact lenses that are made from a solid gas-permeable material, which may provide higher-quality vision compared to soft contact lenses. Since these specialty contact lenses are custom-made, they will perfectly fit the surface of your eye.

Cornea evaluation

Knowing if the cornea is healthy and has no fundamental problems before wearing contact lenses is essential. Our expert optometrists in North York will ensure that the cornea is intact and moving comfortably to ensure you’re a good contact lens candidate. Your corneal curvatures will be measured to determine the recommended contact lens’ base curve and diameter.

Tear film evaluation

The integrity of the tear film is a vital part of the process for the individual wearing contact lenses. It is crucial for the comfort and health of the eye because it brings nutrients to the eye’s surface. The tears will not circulate adequately if you wear uncomfortable contact lenses. Also, every contact lens brand has a specific oxygen permeability value to ensure enough oxygen is provided to your eyes. Having good oxygen permeability, tear quality and quantity will create a successful contact lens experience. This is top-notch eyecare technology.

Types of contact lenses

All the common types of contact lenses require different fitting procedures. Some of the common types of contact lenses are:

  • Soft spherical contact lenses: In soft spherical contact lens fitting, the lens must align with the cornea for good cornea coverage. Soft contact lenses are the most popular and our goal is to find the best comfort and vision.
  • Soft toric lenses: During the fitting, there must be full cornea coverage which will allow movement and rotation when blinking. Toric contact lenses must rotate accordingly to align with your prescription’s axis to correct for astigmatism. Our optometrist will check the toric contact lens alignment so that the best vision is achieved.
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses: This lens has a complex fitting procedure that involves the evaluation of the coverage, centration, and dynamic fitting. Ask our optometrist to learn more.

Importance of scheduling a contact lens fitting in North York

Scheduling a contact lens fitting with our optometrists will help determine the contact lens prescription needed for your eyes. If the contact lens is not fitted properly, worn or taken care of correctly, you can experience some issues that might lead to discomfort and sometimes to blindness or other severe eye problems. Always follow the guidance from your optometrist or optician when wearing contact lenses.

During the fitting, our optometrists will review any other eye condition you might have, as this will affect the lens choice. The process will give our optometrists all the necessary information to prescribe the perfect contact lenses for you.

Importance of scheduling a contact lens fitting

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Contact lenses are a great option for people looking to have better vision and comfort, without the distraction that sometimes comes with wearing eyeglasses. Contact lenses have no glare, and they are easy to use. Schedule an appointment with our expert optometrists and team for your eye exam and contact lens fitting so you will know the best choices of contact lenses for you.

Contact us for all your contact lens and advanced eye care services. We have experienced optometrists to help manage your eye health and determine visual solutions specifically for you. Our optometrists will also help you determine the best contact lens solutions for you. For further inquiries, you can reach us at 647-351-1131 or click here to ask us a question. We will be happy to help you with all your advanced eye care needs and visual solutions.