KODAK Lenses

KODAK Lenses are a unique combination of over 100 years of KODAK imaging expertise and the most advanced ophthalmic digital technology. Every KODAK Lens is individually crafted to the highest possible standard. This ensures that any KODAK Lens you choose will optimize your vision and allow you to see a richer, clearer, more vibrant and colourful world. Such high standards of design and production also mean we provide every KODAK Lens with a full manufacturing warranty for normal wear and tear.

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KODAK Lens History

KODAK Lenses was created by a famous lab called Signet Armorlite, who has been manufacturing and distributing ophthalmic lenses for individual eyeglass prescriptions since 1947.

For over 66 years in the optical business, Signet Armorlite continues to provide the eye care industry with the highest quality, high performing lenses and has been the exclusive provider of KODAK Lenses since 1993.