KODAK Lenses

KODAK Lenses are a unique combination of over 100 years of KODAK imaging expertise and the most advanced ophthalmic digital technology. Every KODAK Lens is individually crafted to the highest possible standard. This ensures that any KODAK Lens you choose will optimize your vision and allow you to see a richer, clearer, more vibrant and colourful world. Such high standards of design and production also mean we provide every KODAK Lens with a full manufacturing warranty for normal wear and tear.

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KODAK Lens History

KODAK Lenses was created by a famous lab called Signet Armorlite, who has been manufacturing and distributing ophthalmic lenses for individual eyeglass prescriptions since 1947.

For over 66 years in the optical business, Signet Armorlite continues to provide the eye care industry with the highest quality, high performing lenses and has been the exclusive provider of KODAK Lenses since 1993.

Unique Eyewear To Suit Unique Lifestyles

Digitally-created to provide sharp, clear viewing experience in all situations. Advanced computer technology ensures optimum optical quality whether choosing a small or large frame.

  • Wide fields of view offering picture-perfect vision at all distances.
  • Great visual comfort by assisting your eyes to work in sync.
  • Ultra smooth design for natural viewing and comfortable wear.
  • Easy and fast adaptation for new progressive lens wearers.

Born With A Colourful History

Few brands are as recognized or known over the world as KODAK. Founded by George Eastman in 1888, the KODAK brand lead the photographic film market during the 20th century. Their expertise in imaging earned them 90% of the market in the United States alone. Today, KODAK Lenses represent the continuation of this legendary tradition of imaging expertise through advanced optical digital technology. Every KODAK Lens is individually crafted to the highest possible standards. This ensures that the KODAK Lens you choose will provide you richer, clearer, more vibrant and colourful vision. The legacy of KODAK Lens performance and innovation is found in every pair.

Your Personalized
Visual Solution

KODAK Lenses offer a wide range of solutions with optimal performance:

  • Progressive Lens Solution (No-Line Lenses): comfortable vision at all distances
  • No-Glare Lens Solution: best visual comfort, scratch protection and superior cleanability
  • Preferred Lens Material Solution: impact resistant, thin and light
  • Polarized Outdoor Solution: best outdoor UV protection

Your Personalized
Visual Solution

No matter your age, lifestyle, or budget, the experts at your Kodak Lens store can help you choose a Kodak Lens solution that’s right for you. From thin & light styles to lenses with anti-reflective coatings, Kodak Lenses will let you see and look your best. Kodak Lenses are digitally-created for sharp and clear vision in all situations. They offer wide fields of view to see clearly at all distances, have a smooth design that provides natural vision and a comfortable wearing experience.

  • 100+ years of Kodak imaging expertise
  • Individually crafted to high quality standards (1/100th of a diopter)
  • Manufacturing Kodak Lenses since 1947
  • Award winning lenses and advanced ophthalmic digital technology

Known for quality and superior optical technology, Kodak Lenses is a dependable brand you know and trust.