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Simply sign up for our digital loyalty program card and earn points after every purchase.

Collect points and redeem them for some amazing rewards! See chart below*

You can Redeem the following Rewards!

  1. After every purchase, collect your points
  2. Each purchase gives you points:
    • Level 1: Spend $1 or more and earn 1% back (ex. $100 gives you 1 point). First scanned purchase always starts at Level 1.
    • Level 2: Spend $300 or more and earn 2% back (ex. $300 gives you 6 points). Second scanned purchase will increase your level, depending on spend amount and past scanned purchases. For example, if your first scanned purchase was $200 and your second scanned purchase was $600 then you will automatically be upgraded to Level 3 ($600 +$200 = $800).
    • Level 3: Spend $700 or more and earn 3% back (ex. $700 gives you 21 points).
    • Level 5: Spend $1200 or more and earn 5% back (ex. $1200 gives you 60 points).
  3. Redeem points for rewards. See tabs for rewards.

Once you collect 25 points, redeem it for an e-gift card that is emailed directly to you! To claim this reward, please email Taylor at [email protected]

When you have earned 100 points, you can redeem 100 points and we can give you $125 on your next prescription or non-prescription eyeglass order, prescription or non-prescription sunglasses order, and/or any supply of contact lenses. This discount will directly apply on the order once the points are successfully redeeemed. Order must be $125 or greater in value. Reward is a one time use and can not be saved as credit. Please redeem points and reward at the time of your purchase. Reward can be combined with promotions. Please see full terms and conditions (link below).

Sign up and download your free loyalty card today!

To sign up, please scan QR code or click link and register for our digital loyalty card. We will gift you 10 points once registered.

Thanks for your support and signing up for our loyalty program!

*See the Terms & Conditions for details about our Loyalty Program