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Spectacle prescriptions are determined by the Optometrist to give the best possible vision for the patient’s needs as discussed during the eye examination. Prescriptions written by our Optometrists are warranted for 3 months and valid for spectacle production for 1 year. It is strongly recommended that corrective eyewear is purchased from a licensed eye care practitioner to avoid complications with vision.


New eyewear affects your vision and your perception of the world. We stand behind the work of our highly skilled Optometrists. However, we don’t always know how your glasses will feel in your every day life. This is especially true when there is a large Rx change or when adapting to progressive multi-focal lenses. If you have concerns with a Rx prescribed by one of our Optometrists, you may book a no-charge Rx Re-Check appointment with that same Optometrist within 3 months of receiving the original prescription. We will make our best effort to resolve any concerns. If you did not purchase your spectacles from us, we recommend you to also consult with the original dispensing location.*

*When there is an issue with eyewear that was not purchased from our office, patients are to return to the place of purchase to resolve problems before seeing their Optometrist again. If eyewear was purchased online or overseas, a Partial Eye Exam fee will apply to see the Optometrist again for trouble-shooting. NOTE: Our Optometrists use the highest standards of clinical methods to determine your Rx, which is the result of teamwork between you and the Optometrist. However, Rx can vary day to day, week to week, depending on your general and ocular health status, or your alertness/tiredness during the eye exam. We do not process refunds for any services already rendered by the optometrist or registered optician unless rendered under the eye care professional’s discretion.


Your prescription eyeglasses are custom made for you, so we want to make sure that you love them. If you’re not completely happy with your purchase within the first 30 days after invoice date, please let us know. We’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.*

*Applies to original purchase. Frame must be in resellable condition. Does not cover accidental damage, scratches, breakage or theft. All refunds require consultation with the on-site optometrist or optician and approval by an office manager. After 30 days of purchase date, a fee of $50 is applied for administrative costs to refund insurance claims and re-stock frame for progressive, bifocal and HD single vision eyewear packages. After 30 days of purchase date, a fee of $30 is applied for administrative costs to refund insurance claims and re-stock frame for single vision eyewear packages. For exchanges and no refund, admin and re-stocking fee does not apply. We can only provide a one time exchange and after the change is approved by customer and manager, the order is considered final sale and no more changes for the order can be applied. Any exchange can not be refunded or returned. No returns or refunds for frames and/or lenses that have been discounted, on promotion or on sale. No returns or refunds for frames and/or lenses that are covered under any government social assistance program. For specialty custom lenses order (Zeiss, Hoya, Nikon, Essilor etc.), the exchange, return and refund policy is based on the lens manufacturer. Each manufacturer may have different exchange, return and refund policies. For more information, please speak to one of our optical managers in clinic. We can only offer our 30 day satisfaction guarantee for our own primary lens product line.


If you’re not happy with the vision in your glasses, we are happy to provide you with a one time change in spectacle lenses if the prescription was adjusted by our store (lab or Optometrist) or if you provide a change in prescription created by any Optometrist within 90 days of your original purchase.*

*Applies to original purchase. Does not cover accidental damage, scratches, breakage or theft. All refunds require consultation with the on-site optometrist or optician and approval by an office manager. If the customer decides to exchange to a less expensive lens product than the original purchase, refund for the difference will be given if the exchange is made within 15 days of invoice date. If the exchange was made 16-90 days after the original purchase, store credit is given. If the customer decides to exchange to a more expensive lens product than the original purchase, payment for the difference is required at time of the exchange.


Spectacle orders have a 90-day warranty on any manufacturer defect of frames (final sale frames excluded) and 1-year warranty on manufacturer defect of spectacle lenses from the date of purchase at the discretion of the Kodak Lens Vision Centre. This does not apply to accidental damage from handling, scratches or normal wear and tear. Contact lens orders are warrantied for 1 year from date of purchase when purchased with a contact lens specific prescription written within the year by an optometrist or registered optician. Please provide proof of payment when picking up eyewear and/or contact lenses.

Warranty summary on manufacturer defects: 90 days for spectacle frames, 1 year for spectacle lenses, 1 year for contact lenses and 1 year for non-prescription sunglasses from date of purchase at the discretion of the Kodak Lens Vision Centre when purchased with a prescription dated within 1 year. Does not apply to accidental damage from handling, scratches, normal wear and tear. Returns or exchanges may be subject to a restocking fee.


Our No-Fault Warranty is available for an additional cost of $50 per pair on all Kodak frame and lens packages. The No-Fault warranty provides a 1 time lens(es) replacement in case of an accident or a breakage within 1 year (365 days from invoice date) of the original order. Lenses are replaced with the exact same lenses as the original purchase. Original lenses must be returned when fulfilling this warranty policy. The No-Fault Warranty also guarantees a 1 time re-purchase of the same frame within 1 year (365 days from invoice date) of the original order at a discount of 40% in the case of accident or breakage. Only if the frame you originally purchased is unavailable, you may select any other frame at a discount of 40%. This warranty must be purchased at the time of the original order to be valid. Does not cover any loss of frames or lenses. Some conditions apply, please ask in store for full details.


No refunds or returns on all non-prescription frames, sunglasses, eyeglasses purchased with discount, eyeglasses created with final sale frames or with patient’s own frame, prefabricated readers, eyeglasses obtained through a government assistance program (ODSP/OW/IFH/NIHB), opened, used or expired eye care and eyewear accessory products and opened or expired contact lenses. We will make any repairs and adjustments if possible. Non-prescription sunglasses come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty for any manufacturer defects.


Frames that are not available in present in-store frame selection or inventory may be subjected to a $55 non-refundable deposit if the customer wishes for a special order to try on and/or purchase a new frame. Availability and delivery times for special frame orders may vary. The non-refundable deposit may be credited towards in-store eye care services, eyewear, contact lenses or other eye care products if the customer does not proceed with purchase of the special frame ordered. The deposit cannot be put towards a second special frame order as a separate deposit applies.


All soft contact lens orders include a 1 year rip, loss and prescription change warranty when purchased with a valid contact lens prescription written by an Optometrist or Dispensing optician within the year. Contact lenses must not be expired. If a patient’s prescription changes within the year, unopened boxes may be returned and credit will be given toward the next 6 month or annual supply purchase of contact lenses when an updated prescription is provided by a licensed eye care professional.


We will price match any Canadian competitor as long as we can replicate the final price in office after misc. fees, shipping, handling, etc. Price match must take into account our unique manufacturer rebates. These rebates are only available at our clinics and are not available from any big box or online retailers. Including manufacturer rebates in our price matching means that the patient’s final price after rebate is the same as the price match or better. In other words, rebate must be submitted by the patient in order to receive the true matched price. Price matching can only be administered before purchase. Retrospective price matching is not permitted. Cached and third party links, limited time offers of less than 48 hours, “limited box quantity” offers, discontinued product clearance sales, and promotions that have ended are not valid. When you purchase contact lenses from us with a valid prescription written within the year by an optometrist or registered optician your lenses are protected by our warranty policy. Contact lens services to resolve any eye care complications are also available at our clinic.


We will keep your eyeglasses clean and fitted properly at no charge. If the frame is discontinued, more than a year old, or not purchased from our store, cleanings and adjustments are at the patient’s own risk and our vision centre cannot be responsible for accidental breakage. Our careful and trained staff will try their best not to damage your glasses in any way.


Only one promotion can be applied at a time for all store promotions including birthday wishes, referral credits and discount offers. For eyeglasses, promotions are applicable for all orders that are $100 or more or specified in details of promotion. Purchasing a complete eyewear package (new frame and lenses) that is $250 or more, you’re eligible to receive a free lens cleaner spray bonus gift provided by our team. Lens cleaner bonus gift is not eligible for social assistance programs unless the paid amount is met. While lens cleaner supplies last. Lens cleaner supply that is backordered, out of stock or currently not available in inventory, a note will be made in customer/patient file and will receive a lens cleaner during their next visit when lens cleaner is stocked. Ask us for full promotion details.

Support your local eye care professional. Contact us at [email protected] or speak with an associate at one of our clinics for assistance or full details.

Store Policies are subject to change without prior notice. Revised on March 26, 2021.

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