Super Sale until June 15!

Super Sale!

Spring is here. Summer is nearing. Get prepared for summer with some new and stylish eyewear. We have many options available for all your visual needs. Get some new prescription sunglasses for the summer, distance glasses for driving or watching those newly released movies, reading glasses for that book you wanted to read or at your computer to get all that work done, and we even have lenses that will protect you from high energy blue light. Taking care of your vision and eye health while ensuring a safe and comfortable visit is our highest priority!

Visit any of our Kodak Lens Vision Centres and when you purchase a complete pair (frame and Kodak Lenses), get 15% off your first pair and 30% off your second pair!

Why Ontario could be in for a better summer this year

Although we are still in lockdown, Toronto – Ontario might see a better summer this year than the last. Our province is ramping up its vaccination campaign. According to doctors, our safety plan has been moving well in the right direction. The Ontario government states that it’s administered 6,238,778 doses of COVID-19 vaccine so far to the province’s population of 14.57 million people. We are starting to see things returning to normal. With better trends, we will definitely see Ontario relaxing their restrictions. 

Promotion is from May 15 to June 15, 2021. Please see in store for full details.