Back-to-school Eye Exams

Back-to-school Eye Exams

Back-to-school Eye Exams​

Kids need a healthy vision for proper development. During formative years, good vision is critical for exploring the world, learning, and interacting. If left undetected and untreated, eye conditions that start at a young age can result in kids with social, emotional, physical and/or intellectual development challenges.

According to AOA (American Optometric Association)¹ preschoolers (aged between 2 and 5 years) depend highly on vision to learn. Healthy vision is critical for preparing them for school, improving visual abilities gained in infancy, and developing new visual abilities. So, it’s no wonder that adding an eye exam to your back-to-school list is not only a great idea but also very beneficial for your child’s development.

Research suggests that children should go for their first eye exam at six months of age. The second eye exam should be after a year (or by age two or three). A good way to remember when to get your kid’s vision checked is at the start of the school year. You can click here to book a consultation with one of our expert optometrists at Kodak Lens Vision Centres to get this process started.

Why Are Back-to-school Eye Exams Important?

Overall well-being: Eye exams from a young age are the only way to ensure eye conditions don’t interfere with the overall well-being of your child. Ideally, kids should have regular eye exams yearly. This will ensure their vision is developing perfectly and they will be able to explore, play and engage in other extracurricular activities, which contribute to their emotional, physical, and social development.

Detecting eye conditions early: An annual eye exam for your kids can also help to uncover undiagnosed vision conditions before they become serious.

Head-start in school/learning: Learning is largely visual, so good vision health is critical for academic environments. Back-to-school eye exams can be the difference between average and stellar performance in school.

Vision and Learning



The relationship between visual health and learning has been studied extensively. There is research to show that children who have good visual skills (which allow them to better process information) will in turn have a better academic performance².

The reasons for this are simple: vision conditions come with many classroom difficulties. For instance, a learner will have problems seeing the board clearly, following along on a book, reading fluently, and comprehending what is being taught. These factors evidently affect a learner’s visual skills, reading abilities, and attention span/concentration, which ultimately contributes to poor academic development.

Signs To Look Out for in Kids

Since eye conditions can develop quickly i.e., before the yearly eye exam is due, what should you be looking out for? What signs suggest that your kid may have an eye condition? Well, here are our top 6 signs of vision impairment to look out for in your child.

  • Rubbing their eyes or blinking frequently
  • Avoiding reading and other close activities
  • Frequent headaches
  • Covering one eye to see or concentrate
  • Holding objects such as reading materials close to the face
  • Losing place when reading

What Goes into a Kid’s Eye Exam?

If you book a back-to-school eye exam for your kid with one of our optometrists at Kodak Lens Vision Centre you can expect a comfortable and comprehensive eye exam that tests five main vision aspects that cover most, (if not all) eye conditions known to affect kids. These aspects include:

1. Visual Acuity

Visual acuity focuses on how well a child can see. Special charts with letters and symbols of different sizes are used to perform a visual acuity test. Results are dictated by a child’s ability to identify the symbols and letters correctly.

2. Eye Muscle Control

Eye muscle control tests focus on the ability of the eyes to move together properly. The most common test is the cover test, where the child is required to cover one eye and look at a specific object. If the uncovered eye moves, this is an indication of an eye muscle control condition.
Eye control tests may include other tests for muscle-control-related vision conditions like misalignment and eye structural conditions.

3. Depth Perception

This tests the accuracy in detecting how far objects are using two different images/objects, one for each eye. Additional tests can be involved in this process.

4. Eye Coordination

As the name suggests, eye coordination is about testing a child’s ability to coordinate their eyes to perform basic movements i.e., being able to look at far or near objects, easily able to look left, right, up and down, or simple tasks such as looking in any direction as directed.

5. Colour Vision

Colour vision tests focus on a child’s ability to identify colour accurately, as this is important during playing, reading, and writing. Typical tests present colour plates featuring coloured dots with hidden shapes or numbers in them. An inability to identify those numbers or shapes suggests colour vision deficiency.

There’s more to each of the above aspects of a kid’s eye exam. To know more, you can consult one of our trusted Toronto eye exam specialists to get more in-depth information or you can click here to send us a question.

Do Kids Really Need a Yearly Eye Exam?

Yes! However, this can depend on their vision needs. If they have a vision condition or their visual prescription changes while growing, then a yearly exam is a good way to keep an eye on it. If not, then one of our optometrists will let you know how often your child should come by our office. However, having an eye exam around 1 or 2 years and yearly after that can help you maintain your kid’s eye health in check as they develop.

What’s more, since children in Ontario can get free annual eye exams or annual vision screenings covered by OHIP, there’s no reason for parents not to take up this benefit.


Children who can’t see the board clearly, or focus on pictures or words in a book are bound to struggle when learning. Vision problems also affect the social and physiological aspects of child development. To get ahead of any potential eye conditions your kids may have or to simply ensure their vision is as healthy as possible, you can book an appointment with us for a back-to-school eye exam at any of Kodak Lens Vision Centres’ seven eye clinic locations in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Let’s start the school year the right way!

Top 6 Sunglasses Trends for 2023

Top 6 Sunglasses Trends for 2023

Top 6 Sunglasses Trends for the Summer

A good pair of sunglasses (informally known as sunnies and shades) can definitely be described as fashion eyewear. While sunglasses can mostly be used as a stylish accessory, they also offer essential sun protection specifically from high-energy and bright sunlight that can damage the eyes and/or cause discomfort.

Examples of harmful high-energy sunlight are UVA rays, known to damage the macula (back of the eyes), and UVB rays, known to damage the front part (cornea and lens)¹. Generally, sunglasses from reputable manufacturers will offer protection from harmful UV light linked to many eye conditions and diseases ranging from dry eye to cataracts, macular degeneration, pterygium, and discomfort symptoms like pain, watery eyes, blurriness, and redness.

If you want to make a fashion statement while also taking proper care of your eyes, then this guide is perfect for you! We’ve covered sunglasses that are not only trendy but from reputable sunglasses brands renowned for their high-quality products. These are all available in-store and in our online look book where we have many models for you to choose from.

Here are the top 2023 biggest sunglasses trends for you to consider this summer season!

1. Rectangular Sunglasses

The rectangular sunnies trend has been with us for several seasons now, but shows no signs of going away, thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and other influencers on social media. The trend is characterized by rectangular-looking sunglasses that elicit a retro feel, which is modern and nostalgic at the same time.

a. Emporio Armani (EA2066)

These designer sunglasses are from a reputable manufacturer (Giorgio Armani) with decades of experience in the fashion industry (since 1981). The sunnies have notable features such as nose pads and a metal frame. They embody a dynamic uninhibited spirit and are great for creating an aesthetic elegance and casual personal style.

b. Ray-Ban (RB4331F)

These sunglasses are another good example of a rectangular design with a more casual and classic look. They are made of acetate with a plastic bridge type. The sunnies are also Rxable (can fit prescription lenses). Most importantly, they are unisex and from a reputable brand, Ray-Ban, that has established decades of global presence in the designer eyewear market (since 1937).

2. Oversized Sunglasses

Although these types of glasses are very popular right now, they actually have a long fashion history that dates back a few decades. Oversized sunglasses first became a trend in the 1960s thanks to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (wife of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy), who was often photographed wearing them. They were later popularized again by Hollywood personalities like Paris Hilton, who you can see here with a pair of oversized white sunglasses.

There is no question about it, the oversized frames trend is here to stay!

a. Burberry (4314F)

Burberry has some great oversized sunglasses in the luxury category. The Burberry 4314F sunglasses are made of acetate and a plastic bridge type and carry the century-old history and prestige of the Burberry brand. These stylish frames are the true definition of elegance and class.

b. Burberry (B4298F)

The Burberry B4298F is a great alternative to the B4298F for those who prefer a round-like circular sunglasses look over a traditional round. This specific model exudes an old Hollywood vibe and an effortless elegance in a way that not many other frames can.

3. Tinted Sunglasses

This is yet another popular sunglasses trend in 2023 that shows no signs of slowing down. Tinted sunglasses have a distinct pigmented dye (tinted lenses) featuring many colours, the most common coloured lenses being grey and brown.

a. Burberry (B3080)

The luxury Burberry B3080 are perfect tinted sunglasses to consider buying in 2023. These aviator sunglasses feature a striking matte gold colour that can easily compliment any outfit choice. The sunnies have a metal frame, nose pads, and are the perfect accessory for a sunny day.

b. Oakley (OO4141)

If you love tungsten colour, these Oakley tinted sunnies are highly recommended. They feature a metal frame, nose pads (bridge type), and a more rectangular shape. The sunnies are also Rxable and a great option for a modern yet casual man.

c. Ray-Ban (RB3447)

Ray-Ban also has some great designer round matte arista-coloured tinted shades. They are Rxable, have a metal frame, feature nose pads, and are comfortable. These lightweight frames are perfect for female users keen on staying up to speed with the latest fashion trends.

4. 70s Sunglasses

This fashion trend has clearly been around for years and for good reason! What made these sunglasses popular in the 70s has been resurrected just in time for the perfect 2023 summer. These models are bold, oversized, tinted, with several different shapes to choose from. The lenses would vary in darkness and the frames would often be colourful. Talk about the classic styles making a comeback, eh?

a. Coach (HC8295F)

To blend right in with this trend we recommend this dark tortoise-coloured designer 70s square sunglasses from Coach, a brand that has been in existence since 1941. These sunglasses for women are Rxable, square in shape, and made of acetate and plastic (bridge type). They are the perfect retro touch you were looking for.

b. Ray-Ban (RB2188F)

Ray-Ban also has some great 70s-style sunglasses to choose from, like the RB2188F. These square-shaped designer sunnies have a transparent light brown colour. They are also Rxable and designed for women. The sunnies offer an authentic, timeless, and premium look.


5. Round Cat Eye Sunglasses

Round cat eye sunnies are the perfect sunglasses for people with more prominent or angular facial features who are looking for a timeless style. The sunnies have a winged shape that balances wide jaw lines and triangle or square faces. Some of our top picks for 2023 include;

a. One Sun (SUN228)

These red cat eye advanced sunnies from One Sun are Rxable and have 100% polarized lenses, meaning they’ll reduce glare and eyestrain, improving vision and safety when worn outside in the sun. The sunglasses are made of acetate and plastic (bridge type) and can add a pop of color to your summer look.

b. Vogue (VO4188S)

Vogue also has some stylish sunglasses designed for those that are looking for a more innovative look. This particular pair is perfect to make users look younger and more stylish. These sunnies are a perfect combination of contemporary styling and superior quality. The VO4188S glasses are made of a metal frame and feature nose pads. They can easily bring a touch of glamour to any casual outfit.

6. Sporty Sunglasses

Sports enthusiasts haven’t been left behind in the 2023 trendy sunglasses space. Here are some functional but stylish pairs of fashion sport sunglasses to consider in the designer category to make sure your need for adventure is met in style as well.

a. Oakley (OO9188)

These designer sporty rectangular male sunnies are the epitome of Oakley’s sculptural physics philosophy. The sunnies are made of plastic and acetate. They are also Rxable, polarized, and feature a unique colour (prizm deep water).

b. Oakley (OO9271)

These are great sporty sunglasses that complement the Oakley OO9188. They are similar in design, material, and made for athletes such as cyclists, golfers or any outdoor activity. However, they have a unique colour combination i.e., matte black with Prizm Jade.

We hope you love our 2023 sunglasses trends for the Summer as much as we do. We are sure you’ll find the perfect pair for you, so take a chance on one of these trendy options and enjoy the summer season! Each of these sunglasses can be seen on our Kodak Lens online Lookbook for your convenience. You can also browse through our lookbook to find other styles of sunglasses and eyewear.

You can visit any of the Kodak Lens Vision Centre locations/stores to find trendy prescription or non-prescription sunglasses (like mirrored sunglasses, dark sunglasses, coloured sunglasses, angular sunglasses, and many more). Kodak Lens Vision Centres also provides contact lenses so you can experience great vision and comfort with the ability to wear different sunglass styles for any occasion. For eyeglasses wearers, Kodak Lens Vision Centres can offer prescription sun lens upgrades such as polarized or Transitions lenses. Remember to consult with experienced optometrists at Kodak Lens Vision Centres that offer a variety of eye care services to meet all your visual needs.

Everything you should know about Transitions lenses

Everything you should know about Transitions lenses

Everything you should know about Transitions lenses

Your prescription eyeglasses provide you with the clearest vision possible in your daily life, but may not offer all the eye health protection you need in every environment. You can easily feel discomfort when you are out under the sun despite wearing your glasses. This is because of the constant exposure to UV rays, brightness, and glare outside. In this case, you need lenses that have sun and UV light protection. Sunglasses tend to be the obvious choice in this scenario, as long as they provide UV protection, but are they prescription sunglasses? Even if they are, is it really that convenient to be switching between your eyeglasses and sunglasses?

Transitions lenses provide a solution and give you the ability to wear the same glasses in all situations and environments. Whenever you are going back and forth between the indoors and outdoors, your Transitions lenses provide you with clear vision indoors and the protection you need under changing light conditions. At Kodak Lens Vision Centres, we provide a variety of Transitions lenses that you can choose from including Transitions Signature GEN 8, Transitions XTRActive, Transitions XTRActive Polarized, and ACUVUE Oasys contact lenses with Transitions. These innovations are a hassle-free visual solution to getting clear and comfortable vision at all times, not to mention the latest technology available for your comfort.

If Transitions lenses sound like the solution you have been waiting for, we recommend booking an eye exam to make sure your eyeglasses prescription is up to date. We can also discuss all the sun protection solutions and specifically Transitions lenses we recommend.

What are Transitions lenses?

Transitions lenses are adaptive lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight to block out harmful UVA and UVB rays. The lenses return back to clear when used indoors. These lenses adapt automatically to changing lighting conditions thereby providing the wearer with the needed level of UV protection at all times¹. Transitions Signature GEN 8 are the latest generation of Transitions lens technology.

How are Transitions lenses made?

Transitions lenses are made with a special photochromic material that gets activated by ultraviolet radiation in sunlight to darken the lenses. This material includes silver chloride, copper chloride, and chemical compounds similar to those used in the development of photographic film. Silver chloride contains molecules that gain an electron when exposed to ultraviolet light and then become a silver metal that is able to absorb visible light and turn darker in the process. Transitions lenses may also have an anti-reflective coating that helps enhance their performance².

Transitions products we offer

We dispense a variety of Transitions lenses with unique features that offer protection to your eyes at all times. Here are our top Transitions solutions and how they can provide comfort to your eyes under changing lighting conditions.

1. Transitions Signature GEN 8

This is the perfect lens for everyday life. It is also the clearest and fastest lens we carry. Transitions Signature GEN 8 darkens within seconds outdoors and returns to clear immediately when you get indoors. Check out our other blog post to learn more.

  • Transitions Signature GEN 8 blocks 100% UVA and UVB rays.
  • It also filters blue-violet light so that your eyes are comfortable whether you are indoors, outdoors or working with a screen.
  • Our Transitions Signature GEN 8 comes in seven colors including sapphire, amethyst, amber, emerald, grey, brown and graphite green.
  • Transitions Signature GEN 8 provides your eyes with a better vision experience and protection from bright lights.

2. Transitions XTRActive new generation


These lenses are designed for wearers who are very light-sensitive and those who are frequently exposed to bright light. Transitions XTRActive new generation lenses are specially designed using powerful dyes and the latest nano-composite matrix to provide the best extra darkness and the best extra light protection. 

  • Transitions XTRActive lenses block out 100% UVA and UVB, and have the best blue-violet light protection.
  • They have up to 35% faster fadeback and are clear indoors with a hint of protective tint.
  • These lenses are darkest in hot temperatures and can activate in a car despite the UV-protected windows so that you are able to use them while driving.
  • Transitions XTRActive lenses provide clarity of vision allowing the wearer to see their environment quickly and precisely.

Transitions XTRActive lenses come in three colors including grey, brown and graphite green. They come in five style mirrors including style mirrors silver, style mirrors flash gold, style mirrors blue green, style mirrors blue violet and style mirrors copper, allowing you to personalize your lenses (subject to availability and lens index material).

3. Transitions XTRActive Polarized


Our Transitions XTRActive Polarized lens is the only photochromic polarized lens and the best currently available. This lens is for wearers who are frequently exposed to bright light and reflective glare.

  • They provide sharper vision and larger outdoor views allowing you to see vivid colours through their dynamic polarization.
  • Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses block out 100% of UVA and UVB rays thereby protecting your eyes from the sun.
  • They also provide the best blue-violet light protection indoors and have up to 90% polarization efficiency.

These extra dark and polarized lenses are able to activate in the car and have up to 2x faster fade back returning to clear when you are indoors. Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses come in grey color and a variety of index lens materials such as CR39, poly, trivex and hi-index.

4. ACUVUE Oasys with Transitions

ACUVUE OASYS are unique Transitions contact lenses with superior Transitions photochromic technology that is formulated to instantly activate, thereby providing you with a revolutionary contact lens experience.

  • These lenses help your vision recover from bright light within 5 seconds.
  • They are designed to reduce the stressful impact that light can have on your eyes.
  • ACUVUE OASYS with Transitions offers the highest level of UV protection in contact lenses and filters blue-violet light to provide maximum protection to your eyes.
  • It also reduces halos and starbursts by up to 28% and provides crisp clear vision at night.
  • ACUVUE OASYS with Transitions can also be worn with non-prescription sunglasses to get complete sun protection.
  • ACUVUE OASYS with Transitions was recognized by TIME as one of their BEST Inventions of 2018³.

A first-of-its-kind contact lens that is able to adapt from clear to dark and back while balancing the amount of indoor and outdoor light entering the eyes. When you’re outdoors, the lens activation continues to change in response to light so that it’s not always at its darkest state. Check out our other blog post to learn more.

Transitions lenses have superior photochromic lens technology that offers you convenience alongside clear and comfortable vision. They remove the need to use multiple eyeglasses and protect your eyes from harmful radiation. Transitions Signature GEN 8 blocks at least 20% of harmful blue light indoors and over 87% of harmful blue light outdoors. Transitions Signature lenses style colors, on the other hand, block over 75% outdoors. These lenses are the perfect companion for all outdoor activities in which you’ll want to have the clearest vision possible. Not only Transitions lenses are useful, but can be very stylish depending on the frame, mirror or colour option you choose.

The first step to knowing whether Transition lenses are right for you is to book a consultation with us and get a comprehensive eye exam. Our Optometrist and team will help you determine which of these specialty lenses is right for you and what benefits you can receive from them, such as the extra protection against glare. Reach out to us today to begin your journey towards a more comfortable vision at all times!

Computer vision syndrome: do you need glasses?

Computer vision syndrome: do you need glasses?

Computer vision syndrome: do you need glasses?

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) refers to a set of eye conditions resulting from the prolonged use of digital screens. Computer vision syndrome isn’t a specific condition but rather an umbrella term for a wide range of eye conditions such as eye fatigue, blurry vision, some refractive errors, and more. All of these situations have a common factor: they often result from staring at electronic screens of computers, tablets, and mobile phones (or any other digital device with a screen) for extended periods. In these instances it is not only the blue light from the screens that affect our eyes, we also tend to blink considerably less when we are in front of a screen, which also contributes to eye strain.

Computer vision syndrome is sometimes referred to as digital eye strain and affects 75% to 90% of computer users. An average worker can spend up to seven hours per day on the computer5. Common symptoms that indicate you may have digital eye strain include:

  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Neck & shoulder pain
  • Double vision
  • Backaches
  • Dry eyes
  • Eye fatigue
  • Eye irritation, which includes red eyes, eye discomfort and itchy eyes.

People will experience more discomfort when they spend more time in front of digital screens. A study on office workers with CVS found a positive correlation between hours of computer exposure and the severity of dry eye symptoms6. If you relate to any of these symptoms, keep reading to learn how you can deal with them and regain your visual health.

7 Computer Vision Syndrome Causes

  1. Uncorrected Vision Problems
  2. Improper Viewing Distance and Angle
  3. Screen Glare
  4. Poor Lighting
  5. High Energy Blue Light Exposure
  6. Poor Posture
  7. Not Enough Blinking

Risk Factors for CVS

  • Spending three hours or more per day looking at a digital screen
  • Having vision problems that aren’t corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • Wearing corrective lenses that aren’t suitable for the viewing distance of your computer
  • Viewing your computer screen or digital device at the wrong angle
  • Not taking frequent short breaks after spending 1 to 2 hours in front of the computer
  • Positioning your screen, tablet or mobile device too close to your eyes
  • Sitting or standing with poor posture

Correcting Computer Vision Syndrome

You’ll be glad to know digital eye strain symptoms are not permanent. Your blurred vision, headache, or dry eyes should go away after a good break from digital screens. However, stepping away from the screens and limiting our screen time is not the best solution, it definitely is not a permanent one and, more importantly, is not really a realistic scenario in today’s technology-driven world. Booking an appointment with a professional optometrist should be the first step on your vision journey as it is the safest way to help you reduce the risk of experiencing those symptoms again.

Once you book an appointment, our optometrist will examine your eyes for dryness, fatigue, eye strain and any relevant concerns, after which they may prescribe computer glasses to reduce your risk of digital eye strain. Keep in mind, these are slightly different from eyeglasses or contact lenses prescribed to see far away. Computer glasses are specifically designed for seeing distances at arms length like how you view your computer or laptop. Computer glasses’ purpose is to increase comfort during intermediate vision and protect you from digital screens that lead to computer vision syndrome. We highly recommend choosing lenses that filter high energy blue light and applying a premium anti-reflective (AR) coating to reduce glare and reflections from reaching your eyes1

Computer glasses lower the amount of work the eye muscles have to do as we stare at digital screens2. When choosing advanced lens upgrades like BluSelect or KODAK Clean ‘N’ CleAR, this reduces the risk of digital eye strain caused by the bright lights from screens, making computer glasses an effective solution to computer vision syndrome.

Computer Vision Syndrome and Red Eyes

Having red eyes after being in front of a screen for a certain amount of time is one of the easiest ways to know you might have computer vision syndrome. Your eyes turning red is actually a fairly common condition known as “bloodshot eyes” in which the blood vessels that are located on the surface of your eyes rupture, are irritated, or inflamed, causing the whites of your eye to turn red or pink. However, bloodshot eyes can also result from several other causes such as rubbing the eyes or sleep deprivation, which can result from an underlying eye condition3. Consulting an optometrist should be the necessary first step to truly determine any condition you might have and the root of your eyes’ discomfort.

Computer Vision Syndrome Eye Drops

Eye drops can also be used to ease recovery from digital eye strain. For example, eye drops like the BioTrue Eyedrop can provide relief for dry eyes. Computer vision syndrome eye drops or artificial tears function similarly to natural tears: they provide instant relief from dryness and eye irritation. They can also be used for cleaning the eyes, thus aiding vision.

Here are a few drops you can choose from to ease digital eye strain and irritation.



Improves tear film, protects the eye surface, and relieves dry eyes.

Protects against moderate dry eyes and digital strain.

Relieves redness and makes your eyes whiter and brighter.

Computer Vision Syndrome Prevention

Computer vision syndrome can be prevented by a set of practices that aim at reducing the degree of digital eye strain. Visiting an optometrist and acquiring a prescribed pair of computer glasses is an excellent way of preventing digital eye strain from becoming a more serious issue. Even if you do not require other prescription glasses for your daily activities, you can still benefit from computer glasses, which can come in non-prescription.

Computer vision syndrome can further be prevented by how your screen is held, the position of the screen, your seating position, and regular breaks. Adjust your digital screen to what makes you feel comfortable. For computer screens, this should be about 15 – 20 degrees below your eye level. Controlling the light sources that are close to you is another helpful tip. You can use blinds to block glare and reflection from windows to customize the level of light in your room and minimize visual fatigue4. You can also include a screen glare filter to lower the glare of your screen. Lastly, ensure you blink regularly and take occasional breaks from screens. These are simple recommendations you can include in your daily routine but having a check-up appointment with your optometrist is a better way to maintain your eye health and ensure you are aware of any possible conditions. Make this a yearly appointment and your eyes will thank you for it! 

As expert optometrists, we understand the effect of computer vision syndrome on your eye health and productivity. If you think these symptoms are relevant to what you are experiencing, we recommend you start by booking an eye health exam with us to get the proper care that is needed in these types of situations. This consultation will help us determine the perfect solution for you, and the next steps we should take to make your vision as healthy as possible. Click here to contact us and book a consultation today to discover how we can help you prevent computer eye syndrome. You can also click here to ask us any further questions you might have. Our team of experts will be glad to help you in any way we can!

Our Social Impact Commitment

Our Social Impact Commitment

Social Impact Kodak Lens Vision Centres

Social Impact at Kodak Lens Vision Centres

Community engagement has always been an important part of what we do. We want to share with you our social impact initiative at Kodak Lens Vision Centres and ask for your help in fulfilling a local need. This year and in the future, we want to do even more to support the communities where we operate and we want to give YOU the opportunity to tell us how!

Our commitment is to engage with our team, customers and fans each month from March to August and tell you about a few needs in a local community where we operate. All we ask is for you to click, read about each of the needs, and then cast your VOTE for where our charitable contribution of $1000 will be allocated. The vote will close on the 15th of each month and we’ll reach out shortly after that to let you know which need was fulfilled. Please see below our past contributions. Together, we can make a difference and help everyone See The Colours of Life!

Total Donations so far: $8,000

February’s Social Impact:

Need: Neighbours struggling with mental health
Neighbourhood: Toronto
Date: Febraury 2024

Dear Kodak Lens Toronto Eyecare,

Huge thank you to the Kodak Lens Toronto Eyecare team for your generous gift! I filmed a quick message for you to express our gratitude. Many thanks!

Yours truly,

Quinn Kirby, Program Manager Gifts of Light



YouTube video

August’s Social Impact:

Need: Supporting Nutricious Meals for Neighbours
Neighbourhood: Mississauga
Date: August 2023

Dear Kodak Lens Woodbine Eyecare team,

On behalf of the youth and families, I personally want to thank Kodak Lens Eyecare for their generous donation. Lots of our families are facing hard times. With this kind donation, you have put a big smile on the youth and families faces. Thank you again for bringing a smile to our families!

Your’s Truly,

Bindi Sathivelu, Program Manager

BGC Peel


July’s Social Impact:

Need: Supporting Breast Cancer Patients’ Nutritional Needs
Neighbourhood: Scarborough
Date: July 2023

Dear Kodak Lens Parkway Eyecare team,

We are a national charity with the mission to reduce the financial burden of breast cancer patients during the time they are in treatment. I want to thank the Kodak Lens Parkway Eyecare employees who made such a generous donation to us. You’ve enabled us to provide grocery gift card for breast cancer patients who are facing a financial crisis during the time they are in treatment. Your support is very appreciated, so thank you very much!

Your’s Truly,

Donna Sheehan Executive Director, Founder, breast cancer survivor

Breast Cancer Support Fund


YouTube video

June’s Social Impact:

Need: Food Support for Survivors
Neighbourhood: Mississauga/Etobicoke
Date: June 2023

Dear Kodak Lens Cloverdale Eyecare team,

We at Armagh House would like to express our gratitude to the team at Kodak Lens Cloverdale Eyecare for the generous donation of gift cards to our families at Armagh. Women and children access the supportive housing program at Armagh after fleeing violence. During their 2 year stay, women and children are provided access to Armagh’s resources including case management, skills-building programs and workshops, art therapy, psychotherapy, and more. By the end of their stay, women have often entered the workforce, completed their education, improved on their financial literacy, and began their healing journeys to build and live lives free from violence for themselves and their children. The families who access Armagh’s services are typically financially vulnerable, and as such, donations in the way of gift cards and other monetary support have a truly positive and significant impact on the lives of our families. It gifts moms the autonomy to purchase their culturally specific grocery needs, or treat their children to a fun summer activity; a privilege they do not usually have access to. Armagh would like to recognize the support from your team and again thank you kindly for your generosity.

Your’s Truly.

Samiya Kebir, Program Supervisor

Armagh House


May’s Social Impact:

Need: Slippers for Women and Children
Neighbourhood: Durham/Ajax
Date: May 2023

Dear Kodak Lens Harwood Eyecare team,

We are thrilled to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Kodak Lens Vision Centres and Kodak Lens Harwood Eyecare for their incredibly generous donation of 96 cozy slippers for adults and 24 adorable slippers for children to our shelter. Your act of kindness has brought warmth and comfort to the lives of women and children who have faced gender-based violence and abuse. Your thoughtful contribution has not only provided physical comfort but also served as a reminder that they are cared for and valued.

Your’s Truly.

Heila P., Outreach Services Manager

Bethesda House


April’s Social Impact:

Need: Tech for a Single Mom
Neighbourhood: North York
Date: Apr 2023

Dear Kodak Lens Centerpoint Eyecare team,

Thank you so much for the laptop. My kids now have the opportunity to go on Google classroom, use learning websites like raz kids, and prodigy. They are very happy 😊. Thank you so much!

Your’s Truly.


Lumenus Community Services
Reboot Canada


March’s Social Impact:

Need: Diaper Duty
Neighbourhood: Toronto
Date: Mar 2023

Dear Kodak Lens Toronto Eyecare team,

Many of the families we help are struggling to make ends meet right now. Your donation of diapers will help a few of these families get by for another few days without worry. Your donation and kindness is extra special to us and a huge help to the families we support throughout the year. We can’t say it enough, THANK YOU for your generosity!

Your’s Truly.

Neide M., Program Coordinator
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Why am I seeing this?

Because you’re a part of the Kodak Lens family of customers or fans! We want you to have a say in where our charitable contribution is allocated.

How do you pick the needs?

We partner with Troop, a social enterprise in Toronto to select the local needs we share with you. Troop is on a mission to build communities where basic needs don’t go unmet and we’re joining the mission.

Can I share a need for a local charity?

Yes! If you work with a charity or non-profit and you think they would benefit from sharing their needs with local businesses and customers, you can email the Troop team here: [email protected].


Other Community Initiatives:

Why sponsor Team Canada U24 Ultimate

For a long time, Dr. Linda Tse has been making sure Reve Chan, U24 mixed athlete, and her family’s eyes are healthy and have excellent vision. Reve and her mom reached out to Dr. Linda Tse for support to aid Reve’s journey to compete at the WFDF 2019 World Under-24 Ultimate Championships. Instead of a personal donation, Dr. Linda Tse and her son, Taylor who is also an avid ultimate player and manager at Kodak Lens Vision Centres decided to sponsor Team Canada U24. As an ultimate player, and eye care professional, Taylor understands the importance of vision on the field and would like to support Team Canada U24 Ultimate to further spread the message of taking care of your gift of sight. With Taylor’s ultimate background and experience sponsoring other Ultimate programs (Toronto Rush, AUDL ultimate frisbee team) through the eyeTrust Network in 2015 and knowing some players on Team Canada, we feel it was right to support this community. Together, we can make a difference by providing Ultimate players, friends and their families visual solutions to ensure they’re seeing the best for success.

Top 6 eye drops we carry

Top 6 eye drops we carry

Top 6 eye drops we carry​

Are you experiencing dry eyes or redness and not sure what you can do about it? We always recommend booking an eye examination appointment to make sure there isn’t a bigger issue behind your discomfort. In addition to that, we have a wide variety of eye drops that can provide immediate relief and comfort. If you don’t have time to browse through our online webstore, don’t worry! Follow this guide and check out the best options we have available right now. We discuss our favorite Optometrist approved eye drops and how each product can provide you with a solution for short-term and long-lasting relief. Read on to discover which eye drops will be best for your eyes! If you have any eye care questions, please reach out and we would be happy to help.

Relieves redness? Preservative Free? Can be used with Contact Lenses? Good to use for __ months after opening
Lumify x 3
Hylo x x 6
Free Multidose
x x 6
Thealoz Duo x x 6
I DROP x x 12



Lumify is currently in a category of its own as our main eye-enhancing drop. It significantly reduces redness, helping your eyes look whiter and brighter. Lumify reduces the risks of rebound redness and does not limit the flow of oxygen to your eyes as other redness-relieving eye drops do. This is thanks to its low-dose OTC brimonidine, which is a topical vasoconstrictor that has been proven to alleviate ocular redness1.

Lumify is the number one eye doctor-recommended drops for relieving redness and has an FDA-approved clinically tested formulation2. With the astonishing results and wide acceptance of Lumify, it had to top our list of the best eye drops we carry.


The Hylo eye drops were developed to provide comfort for dry eyes and we are proud to have a wide range of options available. Hylo has created a line of products to help with varying eye conditions. Depending on the severity of the dry eye condition, you may need a different type of Hylo drops like the Hylo Dual or Hylo Gel. Hylo Dual has a specific focus on those with allergies while Hylo Gel addresses more severe dryness. Hylo eye drops are all housed in a patented bottle that delivers the perfect drop size every time with the click of a button. This bottle also keeps each drop sterile which allows for all Hylo products to be preservative-free. The product is made with the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid that’s naturally found in the eyes3. It works by forming a lubricating film on the eye surface, relieving burning and foreign body sensations in the eye.

BioTrue Preservative-Free Multidose

BioTrue eye drops make our list as our most affordable preservative-free lubricating eye drop. Biotrue eye drops can be used with both soft and hard lenses and can last up to six months after opening. BioTrue is also suitable for post-Lasik surgery and offers refreshing relief for dry, tired, teary, or burning eyes. Thanks to its preservative-free formulation it has high tolerability for the eyes, thereby providing instant soothing and natural hydration. This clear eye drop solution also works through a multi-dose system that is safe to use, and it has hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) as one of its components, which is designed to maintain the eye’s ideal lubrication3, making this a comprehensive and highly useful eye drop for dry eye relief.


Evolve Daily Intensive

Evolve Daily Intensive soothing drops make our list because of their unique blink-adaptive viscosity feature, which helps the product stay longer in your eye, providing a long-lasting solution to dry eyes. They protect corneal epithelial cells and are ideal for everyday use. These eye drops are perfect for mild to moderate dry eyes. You can use the Evolve Daily Intensive with contact lenses and they are preservative and phosphate free, making them extra gentle on the eyes. The drops also come in patented easy-to-squeeze bottles and have a secure antimicrobial twist cap. This is clearly a product that has its consumers in mind and strives to make life easier for them, so it is no wonder we have to praise it as one of our best eye drops.


Thealoz Duo

Thealoz Duo is another preservative-free option that helps with relief from dry eye symptoms. This eye drop focuses on hydrating and protecting the eye for moderate to severe dry eyes. Thealoz Duo contains two proven dry eye therapies in one bottle. The first is a natural substance called Trehalose present in many plants and animals that survive in extremely dry conditions. The second is Hyaluronic acid, a gentle solution that lubricates with long-lasting relief. With these two proven dry eye therapies, Thealoz Duo provides hydration, bioprotection, and regeneration of the eye’s surface. The eye drop has no preservatives or phosphates and can be used with contact lenses. Thealoz Duo also helps increase tear film thickness, which reduces dry eye symptoms and damage to the eye’s surface.


There is no question about it, I-DROP PUR and its sister products (I-DROP MGD, I-DROP PUR GEL, I-DEFENCE, I-RELIEF, I-LID-N-LASH, and I-LID-N-LASH PLUS) are a must on our list. This is because it is the only contact lens-compatible, visco-adaptive, preservative-free eye drops available. Their patented bottle can continue to be used even 12 months after opening while still maintaining sterile eye drops for each application. These are premium eye drops that effectively and quickly help to relieve dry eye symptoms. They are specifically made to bring immediate relief, provide guaranteed comfort, and they’re non-blurring upon application. Their formulation is what truly sets them apart: the drops are viscoadaptive and contain a mixture of 0.18% HA and glycerin, which makes it possible for the drops to move back and forth across the surface of the eyes as the user blinks. They offer a longer residence time, higher hydration capability, and stability of the lipid layer of the tear film. If you want superior comfort for your eyes, go for the I-DROP PUR drops for a relieving experience.

Now that you know the best drops we carry, you’re ready to make an informed decision! Give them a try and find the product that best suits your needs. Remember, If you buy any three nutraceutical products from us, you will get 10% off! You can visit our website to place your order or contact us for an eye examination prior to choosing a product if you’d like us to provide further guidance to help you make the best decision for your eye care needs.