Social Impact Kodak Lens Vision Centres

Social Impact at Kodak Lens Vision Centres

Community engagement has always been an important part of what we do. We want to share with you our social impact initiative at Kodak Lens Vision Centres and ask for your help in fulfilling a local need. This year and in the future, we want to do even more to support the communities where we operate and we want to give YOU the opportunity to tell us how!

Our commitment is to engage with our team, customers and fans each month from March to August and tell you about a few needs in a local community where we operate. All we ask is for you to click, read about each of the needs, and then cast your VOTE for where our charitable contribution of $1000 will be allocated. The vote will close on the 15th of each month and we’ll reach out shortly after that to let you know which need was fulfilled. Please see below our past contributions. Together, we can make a difference and help everyone See The Colours of Life!

August’s Social Impact:

Need: Supporting Nutricious Meals for Neighbours
Neighbourhood: Mississauga
Date: August 2023

Dear Kodak Lens Woodbine Eyecare team,

On behalf of the youth and families, I personally want to thank Kodak Lens Eyecare for their generous donation. Lots of our families are facing hard times. With this kind donation, you have put a big smile on the youth and families faces. Thank you again for bringing a smile to our families!

Your’s Truly,

Bindi Sathivelu, Program Manager

BGC Peel


July’s Social Impact:

Need: Supporting Breast Cancer Patients’ Nutritional Needs
Neighbourhood: Scarborough
Date: July 2023

Dear Kodak Lens Parkway Eyecare team,

We are a national charity with the mission to reduce the financial burden of breast cancer patients during the time they are in treatment. I want to thank the Kodak Lens Parkway Eyecare employees who made such a generous donation to us. You’ve enabled us to provide grocery gift card for breast cancer patients who are facing a financial crisis during the time they are in treatment. Your support is very appreciated, so thank you very much!

Your’s Truly,

Donna Sheehan Executive Director, Founder, breast cancer survivor

Breast Cancer Support Fund


YouTube video

June’s Social Impact:

Need: Food Support for Survivors
Neighbourhood: Mississauga/Etobicoke
Date: June 2023

Dear Kodak Lens Cloverdale Eyecare team,

We at Armagh House would like to express our gratitude to the team at Kodak Lens Cloverdale Eyecare for the generous donation of gift cards to our families at Armagh. Women and children access the supportive housing program at Armagh after fleeing violence. During their 2 year stay, women and children are provided access to Armagh’s resources including case management, skills-building programs and workshops, art therapy, psychotherapy, and more. By the end of their stay, women have often entered the workforce, completed their education, improved on their financial literacy, and began their healing journeys to build and live lives free from violence for themselves and their children. The families who access Armagh’s services are typically financially vulnerable, and as such, donations in the way of gift cards and other monetary support have a truly positive and significant impact on the lives of our families. It gifts moms the autonomy to purchase their culturally specific grocery needs, or treat their children to a fun summer activity; a privilege they do not usually have access to. Armagh would like to recognize the support from your team and again thank you kindly for your generosity.

Your’s Truly.

Samiya Kebir, Program Supervisor

Armagh House


May’s Social Impact:

Need: Slippers for Women and Children
Neighbourhood: Durham/Ajax
Date: May 2023

Dear Kodak Lens Harwood Eyecare team,

We are thrilled to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Kodak Lens Vision Centres and Kodak Lens Harwood Eyecare for their incredibly generous donation of 96 cozy slippers for adults and 24 adorable slippers for children to our shelter. Your act of kindness has brought warmth and comfort to the lives of women and children who have faced gender-based violence and abuse. Your thoughtful contribution has not only provided physical comfort but also served as a reminder that they are cared for and valued.

Your’s Truly.

Heila P., Outreach Services Manager

Bethesda House


April’s Social Impact:

Need: Tech for a Single Mom
Neighbourhood: North York
Date: Apr 2023

Dear Kodak Lens Centerpoint Eyecare team,

Thank you so much for the laptop. My kids now have the opportunity to go on Google classroom, use learning websites like raz kids, and prodigy. They are very happy 😊. Thank you so much!

Your’s Truly.


Lumenus Community Services
Reboot Canada


March’s Social Impact:

Need: Diaper Duty
Neighbourhood: Toronto
Date: Mar 2023

Dear Kodak Lens Toronto Eyecare team,

Many of the families we help are struggling to make ends meet right now. Your donation of diapers will help a few of these families get by for another few days without worry. Your donation and kindness is extra special to us and a huge help to the families we support throughout the year. We can’t say it enough, THANK YOU for your generosity!

Your’s Truly.

Neide M., Program Coordinator
Birth Mark

Why am I seeing this?

Because you’re a part of the Kodak Lens family of customers or fans! We want you to have a say in where our charitable contribution is allocated.

How do you pick the needs?

We partner with Troop, a social enterprise in Toronto to select the local needs we share with you. Troop is on a mission to build communities where basic needs don’t go unmet and we’re joining the mission.

Can I share a need for a local charity?

Yes! If you work with a charity or non-profit and you think they would benefit from sharing their needs with local businesses and customers, you can email the Troop team here: [email protected].


Other Community Initiatives:

Why sponsor Team Canada U24 Ultimate

For a long time, Dr. Linda Tse has been making sure Reve Chan, U24 mixed athlete, and her family’s eyes are healthy and have excellent vision. Reve and her mom reached out to Dr. Linda Tse for support to aid Reve’s journey to compete at the WFDF 2019 World Under-24 Ultimate Championships. Instead of a personal donation, Dr. Linda Tse and her son, Taylor who is also an avid ultimate player and manager at Kodak Lens Vision Centres decided to sponsor Team Canada U24. As an ultimate player, and eye care professional, Taylor understands the importance of vision on the field and would like to support Team Canada U24 Ultimate to further spread the message of taking care of your gift of sight. With Taylor’s ultimate background and experience sponsoring other Ultimate programs (Toronto Rush, AUDL ultimate frisbee team) through the eyeTrust Network in 2015 and knowing some players on Team Canada, we feel it was right to support this community. Together, we can make a difference by providing Ultimate players, friends and their families visual solutions to ensure they’re seeing the best for success.