Advanced and Auxiliary Visual Tests

KODAK Lens Vision Centres are equipped with a wide range of diagnostic instruments to provide additional vision testing to further assess and diagnose your eye care and health needs based on our Optometrists recommendations. Please see below to learn more about the auxiliary visual tests we offer.

Corneal Topography

Corneal topography is a computer-assisted diagnostic test and tool that creates three-dimensional maps of the surface curvature of your cornea. It can reveal problems with your eye’s surface such as swelling and scarring, or conditions such as keratoconus and irregular astigmatism. This test should be completed before laser vision corrective surgery, a cornea transplant, specialty contact lens fittings such as orthokeratology, rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, or scleral lenses.

The cornea is responsible for approximately 70 percent of the eye’s focusing power. An eye with normal vision has an evenly rounded cornea; but if the cornea is too flat, too steep, or unevenly curved, vision will be affected. Corneal topography is used to detect irregular conditions that are invisible to conventional vision testing.

Corneal topography can be beneficial in the evaluation of the cornea for:

  • Orthokeratology
  • Specialty Contact Lens Fitting
  • Planning for Laser Vision Corrective Surgery
  • Corneal Diseases, Abrasions or Deformities
  • Irregular Astigmatism following Corneal Surgery
  • Postoperative Cataract Extraction with acquired Astigmatism

Corneal Topography Testing Available At:

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Visual Field Analyzer

Automated Visual Field Analyzer tests are conducted to search for defects in a patient’s peripheral vision. Test results can lead to a diagnosis of glaucoma or other neurological problems. Many eye and brain disorders can cause peripheral vision loss and visual field abnormalities.

A visual field test may be requested by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) in order to qualify for a license to operate a motorized vehicle. A visual field test may be requested by some companies for candidates for employment opportunities. Please note that visual field tests for these purposes are not an OHIP covered service regardless of age. Applicants must meet certain vision standards to be approved according to MTO.

Our Optometrist will inform you of the exact vision standards that need to be met.

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Pachymetry is a simple, painless test that measures the thickness of your cornea in microns in a few seconds. The average cornea is approximately 550 microns which is equivalent to a little more than 1/2 of 1 millimeter! This measurement can be done with an ultrasound probe or by Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). Pachymetry measurements are very important when considering any corneal surgery including laser vision corrective surgery and cataract surgery; as well as in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma.

Pachymetry Testing Available At:

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Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

An OCT is a very specialized instrument that allows your eye doctor to see intrinsic structures of your cornea, optic nerve, and the many layers of your retina. The OCT takes a painless scan of your eye and the images can be examined instantly by your eye doctor for immediate timely diagnosis. The OCT has been invaluable in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular disorders.

  • OCT allows the doctor to diagnose eye conditions accurately to allow for timely referral and treatment when necessary
  • OCT allows the doctor to monitor changes in ocular conditions

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Anterior Segment Photography

 This technology takes a picture of the anterior segment which is the front one-third of the eye. It includes the cornea, anterior chamber, aqueous humor, iris, ciliary body, and crystalline lens. These structures and their relationship to each other affects vision and long term ocular health. Diagnostic imaging of these structures allow your Optometrist to detect and treat conditions before vision problems occur. Visit us for more details.

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