Introducing AmblyoPlay! Our new vision therapy solution.

What is AmblyoPlay?

AmblyoPlay® is a vision therapy solution that is easily accessible through your tablet or computer and allows you to play therapeutic games for 30 minutes per day to exercise your eyes while having fun! AmblyoPlay has developed exercises for problems such as lazy eye, strabismus, convergence insufficiency, double vision or other binocular problems and is capable of adapting to each patient’s specific needs. Talk with us or continue to read below why AmblyoPlay is an ideal solution for your visual needs.

Features of AmblyoPlay:

  • Advanced self-learning algorithm that adapts the vision therapy and interactive games specifically to you.
  • Game-based exercises that improve your visual skills.
  • Perform vision therapy comfortably and safely at home.
  • Motivates and engages patients with a rewarding system.
  • Analyzes and tracks your progress.

Perfect for patients of all ages above 3 years. Yes, it works for adults too!

Helps improve all 6 core visual skills required for treatment of broad range of problems.

Makes vision therapy fun and engaging with games and rewards.

AmblyoPlay Vision Therapy for Lazy Eye

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AmblyoPlay works for patients above the age of 3 years – and yes, it does work for adults as well, just the speed of improvement diminishes with age.

It has been successfully used to treat the following problems:

  • Amblyopia or lazy eye (all forms, including bilateral)
  • Strabismus
  • Exotropia
  • Esotropia
  • Intermittent esotropia and exotropia
  • Convergence problems
  • Divergence problems
  • Focusing problems
  • Diplopia or double vision
  • Eye-teaming
  • Eye movement dysfunctions
  • Tracking problems
  • Saccadic movements
  • Accommodative dysfunction

While it is an extensive list, it is not exclusive. AmblyoPlay can help with other problems and please do reach out if you’re not sure if it is for you at [email protected]!

Benefits of AmblyoPlay:

  • More than 10,000 successful cases!
  • Visually appealing design!
  • Affordable and home-based!

HOW AMBLYOPLAY WORKS: Personalized vision therapy!

AmblyoPlay® is a personalized vision therapy software, where each patient receives a completely tailor-made program for their distinctive problem. This is achieved with combination of two components: self-learning algorithm and AmblyoPlay Glasses. Self-learning algorithm is constantly monitoring and analyzing results and adapting the program, while AmblyoPlay® Glasses with red and blue filters split the image each eye receives. Knowing which eye needs what kind of stimuli we are able to stimulate each eye individually at appropriate level, as well as train the brain how to use both eyes at the same time in perfect sync.

Improving 6 core visual skills

AmblyoPlay® is used by patients worldwide to treat a wide range of visual dysfunctions, such as lazy eye, strabismus, convergence insufficiency, double vision, and many others. We are able to tackle such a broad range of problems by improving 6 core visual skills. When we improve these core skills, we also improve our vision as a whole.







Supported Platforms:


App Store
Apple Ipad


Mac (Apple)

[ Running on: Android 4.4 or later | iOS 13 or later | Windows 10 | OSX Mavericks or later ]


Only 30 minutes per day!

It is hard to carve out a significant chunk of your day to go and perform vision therapy. AmblyoPlay® vision therapy only takes a mere 30 minutes per day, split into two sessions 15 minutes each. You can choose when you want to do the training and AmblyoPlay® will always be there for you.  We recommend at least 5 weekly sessions, which will provide gradual and permanent results.


Perform it in comfort of your home!

AmblyoPlay® does not require you to leave the comfort and safety of your home to do vision therapy. You can perform it wherever on your supported tablet (Android, iPad) or computer (Windows, Mac) and all you need are AmblyoPlay® Glasses and an active internet connection! Do it anytime, anywhere without a bothersome commute!


Motivating and engaging through games!

Key to successfully vision therapy is compliance with the training program. Doing exercises every day for an extended period of time has been shown to greatly improve the overall outcomes and skipping days often leads to suboptimal results. With our rewarding system that motivates kids and fun and entertaining games that engage them, we have significantly higher compliance and consequently better results!


Understand and track your progress!

Every patient receives a completely personalized training program that adapts to his or her problems, as well as the progress that a patient is making within AmblyoPlay®. Because everyone likes to see the results of their actions, we have progress tracking included within AmblyoPlay® – through weekly visual acuity screenings and progress through games that are only possible with improved visual function!


Great for everyone above the age of 3!

While AmblyoPlay® is primarily targeted at kids above the age of 3, it has been very efficient for the treatment of patients of all ages. Over 30% of our patients are adults who are achieving great results across all ages. The only thing that changes with age is the speed of improvement, which diminishes with age as our brain plasticity decreases.


Get award-winning vision therapy now!

Vision therapy can help improve lazy eye, strabismus and convergence insufficiency with kids, as well as adults. The therapy usually takes between 6 and 12 months, which is why we prepared Standard and Premium packs for you!

The older the patient, the longer is the required duration!

Premium support from our eye care professionals:

Amblyoplay is a specific and custom visual solution and treatment plan that helps certain eye conditions. We best recommend Amblyoplay to be monitored by an Optometrist to determine the success of the program.

We recommend the following services to ensure Amblyoplay can be successful for you or your child:

  • $98 – Full eye exam & eligibility consultation (may be covered by OHIP if eligible)
  • $90 – Set up fee (program set up by our eye doctor & eye care team on your computer with personalized programming)
  • $55 – Follow up appointments by our eye doctor to review progress, monitor results and success of Amblyoplay solution

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