Police and RCMP Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam is required as part of the admissions process to most city police services and the RCMP. All Kodak Lens Vision Centres house the specialized equipment required to complete your testing.

Additional Testing

At Kodak Lens Vision Centres, we can provide additional testing to help with all your eye care needs. Our Optometrist will recommend specific testing based on your comprehensive eye exam such as retinal imaging, corneal topography, visual field analysis, vision testing for the Ministry of Transportation, pachymetry, optical coherence tomography, colour vision testing, binocular vision testing, anterior segment photography and more!

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Eyewear Package Pricing Is Available Online & In Store

We have a wide selection of frame and lens upgrades. All our eyewear packages include frame and lenses with basic scratch resistant coatings. Additional lens upgrades can be added depending on your visual needs, prescription, and lifestyle. Our knowledgeable eye care professionals will work with you to educate and recommend the perfect lens for all your needs.

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