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Many people tend to neglect their eye health until they find their issues overwhelming. Eye diseases can affect everyone’s quality of life by preventing them from experiencing life to the fullest. Whether you’re looking for eyewear to fit your new style or have an emergency, KODAK Lens Vision Centre in Cloverdale Mall is here for you.

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    Our Etobicoke Eye Care Services

    Eye Exam Services In Toronto

    Eye exams help us provide targeted, personalized care by giving our optometrists a comprehensive perspective on your unique vision and eyecare needs. At Kodak Lens Toronto Eyecare, we work to ensure that these routine exams are efficient and enjoyable. Let our experienced staff make this experience easy and informative. Our comprehensive eye exams include services such as:

    • Computerized tonometry
    • Visual acuity assessment
    • Binocular vision assessment
    • Colour vision testing
    • A written or digital copy of any spectacle or contact prescription
    • And much more

    Our friendly, talented staff will help assess all aspects of your vision and eye health. It’s our mission to provide superior, personable total eyecare services. Call Kodak Lens Toronto Eyecare at 417-901-9088 today to see how you might benefit from a Kodak Lens eye exam.

    Eye Exam Services in Etobicoke

    Early detection is essential in preventing or treating many common eye health concerns, such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, glaucoma, and eye infections. At our state-of-the-art eye clinic, we use various techniques to provide our patients with comprehensive eye health exams.

    Here are just some of the tests we perform during our comprehensive eye examination:

    •         Pretesting including tests for cornea curvature, glaucoma, and retina disorders
    •         Complete medical and visual history
    •         Distance and near visual acuity
    •         Binocular vision testing
    •         Colour vision testing
    •         Microscopic examination of ocular structures

    Once we’ve conducted your eye exam, we’ll discuss our findings and work with you to identify a strategic plan of action, treatment options and recommended visual solutions.

    Etobicoke Retinal Photography

    As part of our eye exam, we routinely conduct retinal photography to see the inner structures of your eye. These retinal photos serve as an excellent indicator of your overall eye health and provide us with a baseline to monitor the health of your eye over time.

    We also have state-of-the-art Optical Coherence Tomography advanced eye care equipment at our Etobicoke optometry and optical clinic. This advanced eye care technology allows us to see within the retina layers, similar to what an MRI does but on a much smaller level. OCT testing will enable us to diagnose eye diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy early. Early detection ensures that we can develop a medical and treatment plan to reduce the impact of these diseases on your day-to-day life.

    Full Range of Eyewear and Contact Lenses

    Most of our patients come to us to help correct their vision. We offer a full range of affordable to luxury glasses brands that suit every style and glasses need. We can accommodate all prescriptions, letting you truly express yourself with whatever designer eyewear you wish. Our experienced Opticians can help recommend glasses best suited for your prescription and lifestyle.

    Within our Etobicoke eye care clinic, we also offer patients experienced contact lens fitting services to ensure a perfect fit for contact lenses that is comfortable and provides superb vision.  

    Want to browse our contact lenses from the comfort of your home? Feel free to visit our online store.

    At KODAK Lens Cloverdale Eyecare in Etobicoke, we place our patients and their needs first. If you’re looking for premium eye care services in Etobicoke, give us a call at 416-237-9328 to schedule an appointment today!

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