Vision Therapy Update

All our Optometrists can assist with vision therapy screening during this time of Covid-19 and we have Dr. Kujaany Kana at Kodak Lens Wodobine Eyecare to help provide patients with one on one sessions and treatment plan for specialized cases. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you.

Vision Therapy Screening

What is vision therapy?

Vision therapy is an individualized treatment program prescribed by a doctor to improve certain eye conditions. These eye conditions may affect visual comfort, visual clarity, depth perception, eye movements, eye focusing, and much more. Vision can impact an individual’s performance in school, work, sports and all activities that require the gift of sight. Please see below conditions that may benefit from vision therapy and a comprehensive eye health exam.

What conditions can benefit from
Vision therapy?

  • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • Strabismus (turned eye or squint)
  • Trouble focusing vision
  • Trouble with eye movement
  • Trouble with visual perceptual
  • Traumatic brain injury (post-traumatic brain syndrome)
  • Other visual discomfort

Do I have these conditions?
What are the symptoms?

  • Double vision
  • Occasional blurry vision
  • Frontal headache/eye straining
  • Difficulty shifting focus between near and far
  • Loss of place when reading (skipping lines or words)
  • Reading below grade level/avoidance of reading
  • Letter/word reversal
  • Other visual discomfort

Watch Dr. Vicky Vandervort’s Curing Learning-Related Vision Problems:

Can vision problems affect your learning?

Yes. Majority of learning is done through vision. And many skills including eye focusing, movement, teaming, as well as visual perception interfere with the learning ability to a great extent. An individual with normal intelligence and 20/20 vision may still have learning-related vision problems.

Watch Dr. Sue Berry’s Fixing My Gaze:

How can I get vision therapy?

A full comprehensive eye examination must be completed by your eye doctor before a visual skills assessment can be conducted to determine whether you are a good vision therapy candidate. If you are interested in vision therapy service and do not have a regular optometrist, you are welcome to see one of our amazing eye doctors.

If you are a candidate, we will refer you to a vision therapy clinic that can best care for your needs. The vision therapy eye doctor will prescribe and supervise an individualized vision therapy program for your specific needs. The one-hour, in-office vision therapy sessions are typically scheduled over a 15-20 week period or longer. In addition, therapy is supplemented by daily “homework” activities prescribed by the the therapist between in-office visits.


 All of our licensed Optometrists are able to screen, assess and educate you about any underlying visual conditions that affect your day to day activities and lifestyle. We will learn more about your specific concerns and offer solutions or recommendations.

Our eye care team and Optometrists are happy to provide and recommend custom vision therapy services that help your visual needs. To learn more, please make an appointment with our Optometrists and we would be delighted to assist you.

Have some questions for us? Please call us or visit any Kodak Lens Vision Centre to be assessed if vision therapy or a custom visual solution will help your specific needs. Our Optometrists and eye care professionals are available 6 to 7 days a week and ready to help you with all your vision concerns.