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To order contact lenses, please call our locations, submit your order online, or visit us at our office. Our optometric assistants will help you order your contact lenses based on your contact lens prescription, doctor recommendation, and previous orders.


KODAK Lens Vision Centres will keep your eyeglasses clean, fitting properly and feeling like new at no charge for as long as you own them. If the frame is not purchased from the KODAK Lens Vision Centres, the store is not responsible if the frame breaks during the process of adjustments. Our careful and trained staff will try their best to not damage the glasses in any way.

If you have an eye injury or eye infection, please call and/or come see us as soon as possible. These are emergency cases, and all of our optometrist will make their schedule available to care for your needs. There will be some waiting time, but we assure you will be seen faster than going to the hospital.

Please let our optometric assistants know about your situation and when you will be arriving so that we can prepare for your visit. If symptoms worsen causing drastic impact to your vision and health and we are unavailable, please visit the Emergency Room at your local hospital.

  1. Follow these simple steps to make sure you can enjoy your eyeglasses everyday and have them last long.
  2. Use both hands when putting on and taking off your eyewear. Using both hands ensures you’re not accidentally stretching the frame and causing misalignment. This will help keep the frame straight and balanced during wear.
  3. Don’t leave your eyeglasses in hot car or any harsh weather environments (very hot or very cold). Since most eyewear and lenses are made from plastic, the plastic material can easily change if exposed to different temperatures. Heat or cold can also affect the lens coating. KODAK Lenses are made at the highest standard, but any lens can be affected if exposed to a certain conditions. We warranty all lenses (please see store policy), but we recommend to keep your eyewear in room temperature conditions to maintain the integrity of your eyeglasses.1. Spray the lenses with lens cleaner
    2. Wipe and remove lens cleaner with paper towel
    3. Remove excess dirt and smudges with microfiber cleaning cloth
    4. Make sure lenses are clean
    5. Now you can wear your clean eyeglasses!
  4. Clean your lenses with a microfiber cleaning cloth and lens cleaner. We recommend using special lens cleaner specifically made for cleaning eyeglass lenses because it contains a properly formulated solution to keep your lenses clean and safe. Lens cleaner and microfiber cleaning cloths can be purchased at all of our KODAK Lens stores. Using solutions like Windex contain different chemicals, which can affect or damage lens coatings. We also do not recommend using tap water because it may contain undesirable contaminants, it is treated with chemicals and can be exposed to bacteria and microbes within pipes.
  5. Check for loose screws. Overtime, your eyeglasses will go through wear and tear. Screws may loosen when you constantly take on and off your eyeglasses. Make sure all your eyeglass parts are working properly and screws look like they are in the correct place. If you notice something off, please visit us and we can properly maintain your eyeglasses for you.
  6. Protect your eyeglasses in a case. All our eyewear come with a case or can be easily purchased from us if you misplaced it. Keeping it safe in a case ensures that the eyeglasses do not get damaged. You never know when you might knock it over or accidentally drop or sit on it. Better to be safe and keep it in a case.
  7. Visit us for adjustments. We recommend to come in for adjustments every 6 months to ensure your eyeglasses are properly fitted, well maintained and clean for a comfortable and great wearing experience. All our KODAKLens stores can assist you to provide a customized fit, do repairs (limited, please see in store for more details), and provide a personal experience to ensure you keep seeing the colours of life.

For eyeglasses repair and adjustments, please bring your eyeglasses to our office so that we can attempt to fix it for you. Our optometric assistants are skilled to fix and adjust the most common eyeglasses problems.

If you purchased your eyeglassses from us and your glasses break, please bring it to our office and we can determine if the frame is under warranty. If the frame is under warranty, we can order you a new part or frame for you. When the new part arrives, we can repair your eyeglasses on-site.

For patient’s old eyeglasses that were not purchased from us, please keep in mind our office policy:

For any repairs or adjustments on patient’s old eyeglasses that were not purchased at our office, KODAK Lens Vision Centre is not responsible for any breakage or damage during the attempt to fix or adjust your eyeglasses. Patient’s must understand that older eyeglasses have a higher chance of breakage because of wear and tear over time of the eyeglasses frame.

A sight test (online or offline) is performed by a technician using automated equipment or software guided by a computer program to determine a lens power for eyeglasses. The comprehensiveness and accuracy of these automated sight tests is limited. Sight tests may miss problems with the eye muscles and do not in any way assess the health of the eye. This may cause serious problems and diseases that do not blur a person’s vision at all or until the disease is more advanced. That is why it is important to always check the health of the eyes when determining a person’s lens power.

A comprehensive eye health exam performed by an optometrist looks at the entire eye and vision system and is an important part of preventative health care. Eye exams can detect an individual’s vision prescription, eye diseases and disorders such as glaucoma, cataracts or retinal degeneration, and other health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and brain tumours. Your optometrist will investigate whether a change in your prescription is caused by an underlying eye health or overall health problem. Sight tests do not.

Most glasses jobs take seven to ten business days for single vision prescriptions. The time it takes depends on lens and frame availability. We try to improve turnaround times by working with our KODAK Lens lab while ensuring accuracy and quality.

For progressives and bi-focals, eyeglasses are usually completed and verified in one to two weeks. These KODAK lenses are produced at our state of the art KODAK Lens facility in Carlsbad, California or Mississauga, Ontario to guarantee precision and quality.

Annual supply orders of contact lenses include a 1 year rip or prescription change warranty. If a patient’s prescription changes within the year, unopened boxes can be exchanged free of charge when an updated prescription by a doctor is provided. Contact lens orders are warrantied for 1 year from date of purchase. Please provide proof of payment when picking up eyewear and/or contact lenses.

Spectacle orders have a 90-day warranty on any manufacturer defect of frames (final sale frames excluded*) and 1-year warranty on manufacturer defect of spectacle lenses from the date of purchase at the discretion of the Kodak Lens Vision Centre. This does not apply to accidental damage from handling, scratches or normal wear and tear.

Note: Spectacle lens orders have a 90 day guarantee. The patient may receive a ONE time change of spectacle lens if the prescription is adjusted by our store (lab or Optometrist) or if the patient provides a change in prescription created by an Optometrist.

Spectacle prescriptions are determined by the Optometrist to give the best possible vision for the patient’s needs as discussed during the eye examination. The prescription is warranted for 3 months and valid for spectacle production for 1 year. It is strongly recommended that corrective eyewear is purchased from a licensed eye care practitioner to avoid complications with vision.
When there is an issue with eyewear that was not purchased from our office, patients are to return to the place of purchase to resolve problems before seeing the doctor again. If eyewear was purchased online or overseas, a Partial Eye Exam fee will apply to see the Optometrist again.

New eyewear affects your vision and your perception of the world. This is especially true when there is a large change in prescription or when adapting to progressive multifocal lenses. If you have problems with your Rx, consult with us or the store that made your glasses to trouble-shoot the following problems: pupil measurements, frame pantoscopic tilt, nose piece adjustment, segment height (for bifocals/progressives) to match your eyes’ position, lens rotation (for toric Rx), and lens manufacturer’s quality control. All factors must be double-checked.

NOTE: The prescription from your Optometrist is derived from your feedback during the eye exam, and it is verified correct before it is written up for you. Our Optometrists use the highest standards of clinical methods to guide you in determining your Rx, which is the result of teamwork between you and the Optometrist. However, Rx can vary day to day, week to week, depending on your health status, corneal changes, or your alertness/tiredness during the eye exam.

Our no-fault warranty is available for an additional cost of $50 per pair on all KODAK lenses. No-Fault warranty provides a 1 year (365 days), 1 time lens(es) replacement in case of an accident or a breakage from date of original order. This warranty must be purchased at the time of the original order to be valid. This warranty is not applicable on frames. Some conditions apply, please ask in store for full details.

Yes! Refunds, returns or exchanges are only valid for complete eyewear purchases (frame and lenses). If you do NOT love your new glasses or prescription sunglasses for any reason, and they are in resaleable condition, you can replace or return them, for a full refund within 30 days after you receive your eyewear. Applicable only to the original purchase. This guarantee does not cover accidental damage, scratches or breakage.

Note: Spectacle lens orders have a 90 day guarantee. The patient may receive a ONE time change of spectacle lens if the prescription is adjusted by our store (lab or Optometrist) or if the patient provides a change in prescription created by an Optometrist.

Final Sales: No-Refunds or returns on all non-prescription sunglasses, final sale clearance frames, pre-fabricated readers, opened or expired nutraceuticals and ophthalmic frames (when only the frame is purchased without prescription lenses). We will make any repairs and adjustments if possible. Non-prescription sunglasses come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty for any manufacturer defects.

Yes! Frames that are not available in present in-store frame selection or inventory may be subjected to a $55 non-refundable deposit if customer wishes for a special order to try on the frame. Availability of special frame order and delivery time may vary. The non-refundable deposit may be credited towards in-store eye care services, other eyewear including contact lenses (cannot be put towards a second special frame order – separate deposit) or eye care products if customer does not proceed with purchase of special frame ordered.


All optometrists and optometric assistants are knowledgeable in their work and capable of answering any of your questions. Please let us know if we need to elaborate on our answers to better explain.

Here are some topics that you can ask questions and discuss with your optometrist, optician or optometric assistant:

  • Ocular Disease
  • Eye Surgery
  • Contact Lenses
  • Eyeglasses (Kodak Lenses and/or Frames)
  • Insurance or OHIP
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Appointments

Your feedback is appreciated. Have some positive and constructive feedback? Please send us a message and let us know how we can help. If you wish to report a customer service issue or any other problem related to your experience at any of our locations, we would like to hear from you. We take our customers’ feedback serious, and work diligently to resolve any concerns immediately.


We stand behind all our products and services. For any reason that you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a no hassle refund, exchange or alternative solution. To learn more about our policy, please inquire at the time of purchase or visit our store policies.