Customer Service at Kodak Lens Vision Centres

Here we provide you with detailed information to support your journey to See The Colours of Life. We have a high standard for ourselves and our team takes pride in our customer service. We strive for customer satisfaction and genuinely care about your overall well being and eye health. Browse this page and information below to find everything you need that supports all our eye care and eyewear products and services.

Contact Us

Contact us by calling the number listed at the top of our website or see the button below. This number is our customer service line where our customer service agents can answer any questions you have. You can also get in touch with us by using our webchat feature located at the bottom right hand corner of our website (we will only respond when providing a valid phone number and/or email address). To contact a location directly, please see our main menu at the top of the website, hover over “Locations” and select the location you would like to contact. Each location page includes our direct phone number, email address, patient portal, address, hours, map, appointment request form and much more!


Have a question and need an answer quickly? Browse popular queries below by visiting our FAQ page.

At KODAK Lens Vision Centres, we strive to provide the customer service you deserve.

Our Personal Care

We strive to provide excellence in vision care and remarkable eye care experiences. We understand that our quality and affordable eyewear packages is an investment to help you See The Colours of Life. We genuinely care about your vision and eye health by offering personal care services, guarantees and warranties for every eyewear purchase. Your vision care doesn’t stop at your initial visit, we will support you as long as you entrust your eye care to us.


Your prescription eyeglasses are custom made for you, so we want to make sure that you love them. If you’re not completely happy with your purchase within the first 30 days after invoice date, please let us know. We’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.* Click here to learn more.


  • Unlimited free cleanings and adjustments
  • We’re open 6-7 days a week to provide you personal care for all your visual and eyewear needs
  • Visit us in store to learn about our optical and repair services. Some are free if you purchase from us.
  • Click here to learn more

Vision Care Services

At KODAK Lens Vision Centres, we make an effort to address all your eye health concerns while providing you education, knowledge, treatment plan, recommendations and visual solutions to meet all your eye care needs. Visit our store policies page to learn more about our 90 day eye health exam warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

Eye Exam Appointments

All Prescriptions Accepted

We welcome and accept all prescriptions as long as it is valid. Just remember to check the expiration date.

No-Fault Warranty

Our No-Fault Warranty is available for an additional cost of $50 per pair on all Kodak frame and lens packages. The No-Fault warranty provides a 1 time lens(es) replacement in case of an accident or a breakage within 1 year (365 days from invoice date) of the original order. Click here to learn more.

Gift Certificates & Web Store

Kodak Lens gift certificates can be used towards services, eyewear, contact lenses and eye care products at all KODAK Lens Vision Centre locations. Click here to see our gift certificates and our new web store. You can conveniently request appointments,  purchase contact lenses and eye care products online.

Why choose and visit us?

Proudly offering excellence in customer service.

  • Doctors of Optometry providing trusted, reliable eye care
  • Optometrist available 6-7 days a week to fit your schedule
  • Over 30 years of optical & eyecare experience
  • Visible, easy to understand pricing for every budget
  • Wide selection of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • Nutraceuticals, eyewear accessories and specialty eyewear
  • Friendly staff & exceptional optical & patient care service
  • Eye health examinations; eyeTrust Visual Analysis
  • Expert contact lens fitting services and training
  • Easy booking and ordering through webstore and websites
  • Package pricing of frames and lenses with KODAK anti-glare/reflective coating starting at $95!
  • Great selection from smart to designer frames
  • Offering KODAK Lens – a brand you know and trust
  • Over 100 years of imaging and optical lens expertise
  • Offering high quality and affordable visual solutions
  • Large selection of contact lenses with competitive pricing
  • Free shipping & Price Comparison for Contact Lenses
  • New Patients, Walk Ins and Emergencies Welcome
  • Advanced Eyecare & Lens Technology
  • Extensive referral network for Ophthalmology
  • We help people See The Colours of Life
  • Specialty services such as Ortho-K, Vision Therapy, Myopia Control, specialty eyeglasses and contact lenses etc.