Our Philosophy

Every patient deserves exceptional eye care. We are a patient-first vision centre and therefore eye health and understanding the patient’s needs and wants are the most important priorities. We believe in trust and making a difference to each and every patient we encounter with the immense value of our products and services.

Our Optometrists

All of our optometrists (eye doctor) are friendly, qualified and professional. They love providing the best eye care to patients and being able to take the necessary time to fulfill their visual needs. Learn more about your optometrist here.

Our Opticians & Optometric Assistants

All of our opticians and optometric assistants are friendly, thoughtful and professional. They love providing the best recommendations and administrative care to patients. They enjoy being able to take the necessary time to provide valuable education and visual solutions based on your needs. Visit a Kodak Lens Vision Centre convenient to you to meet our amazing opticians and optometric assistants.

Taylor, Optician

Sylvia, Optician

Mike, Optician

Shirley, Optician

David, Optician

Hadeer, Optician

Niki, Optician

James, Optician

Liz, Optician

Vivian, Intern Optician

Elvin, Optician

Isabella, Student Optician

Silvana, Student Optician

Daniel, Student Optician

Paola, Student Optician