Kodak Lens Toronto Eyecare is proud to support our neighbours in the downtown Toronto region.

Milestone Gifts for Mental Health

from CAMH

Support Recovery Journeys with CAMH! Every day is a chance for new beginnings and personal achievements, yet it’s also important to recognize the mental health challenges that many face. CAMH is committed to uplifting the Toronto community by honoring each milestone in a patient’s path to recovery. With special recognition gifts, they celebrate these significant moments, contributing to enhanced mental health and well-being. Join us in applauding our neighbors’ progress and supporting these impactful milestone gifts!


Protecting Local Water Sources

from Swim Drink Fish

Water…it’s the essence of life, right? And it’s up to us to take care of it, ‘cuz it’s all we got. Swim Drink Fish advocates for protecting and restoring local waters, including teaching communities how to monitor water health. The fine folks at our local Toronto centre are in need of a few vital tools to carry on this amazing mission, including materials for water testing. Let’s come together and help keep our water swimmable, drinkable, and fishable for generations to come!


Ramping Up Inclusion in Toronto

from StopGap Foundation

Imagine navigating your day, one step at a time. Now, think about those who face additional hurdles – like stairs – that most of us take for granted. Enter StopGap Foundation, dedicated to transforming Toronto into an inclusive haven for all. Among their impactful projects, they’re crafting ramps for local businesses, ensuring those using mobility aids can access these spaces. Right now, they’re seeking essential building materials such as wood and nails to continue this mission. Join us in reshaping our community, removing barriers, and building a more inclusive Toronto together!


Why am I seeing this?

Because you’re a part of the Kodak Lens family of customers or fans! We want you to have a say in where our charitable contribution is allocated.

How do you pick the needs?

We partner with Troop, a social enterprise in Toronto to select the local needs we share with you. Troop is on a mission to build communities where basic needs don’t go unmet and we’re joining the mission.

Can I share a need for a local charity?

Yes! If you work with a charity or non-profit and you think they would benefit from sharing their needs with local businesses and customers, you can email the Troop team here: [email protected].


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