Eye Exam, Rexdale

Getting an eye exam helps our Rexdale optometrists detect any vision problems an individual might have at an early stage. They can detect underlying problems such as diabetes and hypertension. The exams also allow optometrists to examine the eye for issues that might not be so apparent at the time, which means they are still treatable, such as detached retinas.

An eye exam is one of the best ways to determine and protect the health condition of the blood vessels in the eye. A comprehensive eye exam comprises more tests that go beyond ensuring blurry vision. Scheduling an eye exam with our expert team of optometrists at Kodak Lens Vision Centre is the perfect way to assess any vision risks and get a treatment option.

Rexdale Eye Health Assessment

An eye health assessment is a series of tests conducted by an optometrist to detect eye conditions and diseases. These conditions and diseases often affect the function of the nervous system. These are some of the main aspects of an eye assessment:

  • The optometrist will check the pupils to ensure they are working properly. We will also check the dilation of the pupils to determine how well they focus.
  • During the eye health assessment, we will help to detect the early stages of certain eye conditions, which can lead to complications or sight loss.
  • During the examination, various tests evaluate several aspects of your eye health. The optometrist will allow you to adapt to multiple vision changes while providing eye-care tips and visual solutions.
  • Lastly, the optometrist will provide immediate treatment options and solutions for any detected vision problems, conditions or diseases.
Eye Examination

Some factors, such as the risk of eye disease and your general health, influence how often you should receive a vision examination. This is especially necessary for people with a family history of a chronic condition because they are at a higher risk of having eye problems. A good eye exam result involves the person having 20/20 vision and the ability to distinguish colour properly. Those are the results we love to give, but are not usually the most common ones. This is why it is advisable to do an eye exam yearly to monitor the general health condition of the eyes as it increases early proactiveness to getting better eye health insight with each consultation.

Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses Prescription

After an eye examination, our Rexdale optometrist will inform you of the results. If there are any underlying health conditions in the eye, they will provide you with a treatment option:

  • They may prescribe eyeglasses for individuals with myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and some other eye conditions.
  • Eyeglasses will also help improve your vision and protect your eye from increased progression. There are many types and benefits of eyeglasses depending on each individual’s visual needs and lifestyle.
  • We also have eyeglasses that can protect the eyes against the effects of blue light. Eyeglasses that filter high-energy blue light mainly reduce eye strain and can improve sleep.
  • We can also fit and prescribe contact lenses for those who would like to experience the freedom from wearing eyeglasses all the time.

You can always request a contact lens fitting or assessment from our optometrist. The assessment helps to determine how healthy or fit your eyes are for contact lenses. For every good candidate, our team of eye care professionals will help you trial, assess for comfort and vision, train for insertion and removal if needed, and decide on the best type of contact lenses suitable for you.

Contact Kodak Lens Vision Centre in Rexdale, for your eye examinations

A complete eye exam is a great way to keep your eyes healthy. This should be treated as any other health check-up available: we take care of our blood pressure, our teeth, and we care about our diet. Why shouldn’t we check up on our vision as well? With this easy and personable eye exam, optometrists can spot early signs of chronic conditions, saving us from possible eye problems down the road. Additionally, we are spending so much time in front of screens, which leads to eye strain and dry eyes. If we don’t take care of them, the consequences can worsen over time. Having a team of experts take care of your eyes doesn’t sound so bad, if it means keeping them healthy and seeing the best, right?

Contact us to make an appointment at our Rexdale location. You can also call us at 647-352-8038 or click here to ask a question. Together we will get your vision as best as it can be, find the perfect pair of eyeglasses or visual solution for you or go over any treatment options. You can rest assured, our experienced optometrists and team are here to help you every step of the way, no matter what eye care and eyewear needs you are looking for.