Seven reasons why you should get an annual eye exam

If you have never had any visual issues or discomfort in your eyes, then chances are you’ve never had them examined by an optometrist. In such cases, an annual eye exam may seem like something unnecessary, why get an exam if you think you’re fine? We get it, if your vision is not affecting you then why visit an Optometrist? However, with a delicate organ like the eye, a regular examination is not an exaggeration, it can catch serious eye conditions early on and educate you about your visual needs and eye health. Visual and eye health testing is the best way to determine any changes in your eyes. It is very possible to have an eye condition without any physical symptoms, and you might not find out about it until it’s too late. Preserve your gift of sight to ensure every year you have the best quality of life. We know firsthand how important it is to have great vision, as well as healthy and functioning eyes, so read on to find out seven reasons why an annual eye exam is important.

1. Eye health changes with time

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2. Regular vision checks can help detect glaucoma

Now let’s move on to an actual issue you could have such as glaucoma, which is one of the most common eye diseases. In spite of that, it remains one of the most difficult to detect all by yourself. However, a regular eye exam can help detect it in no time.Glaucoma erodes the optic nerve which results in vision loss, but as significant as that might sound, sometimes this eye disease can be painless. The only way you can confirm you have it is through a professional opinion, and regular eye exams can help you detect it at an early stage.

3. Eye exams can help detect other issues

It’s normal to think eye exams detect just eye problems. But, contrary to popular belief, there are many other health issues an optometrist can detect with an eye exam that may or may not be related to your eyes. It might sound unlikely, but it is possible to detect diabetes, cancer, high levels of cholesterol, and more during routine eye checks. This is because blood vessels in your retina are checked during the examination, which gives information not just about blood in your retina but other parts of your body. It doesn’t sound so unnecessary now, eh?

4. Regular checks keep you up-to-date with prescriptions

If you already have a prescription for any eye visual correction and rely on glasses or contact lenses, then you shouldn’t be negotiating with yourself if you should do regular visits to the optometrist. In addition to detecting any other eye defects, a regular eye exam will ensure you are up-to-date with your eye prescription and know what ophthalmic lenses are recommended for you. As already established, our bodies are constantly changing and that includes our vision. A prescription lens that was perfect some months ago may no longer suit you as well as it did a while back, but it could take some time for you to realize it. With a comprehensive eye exam, you won’t need to worry about that.

5. Dry eyes and digital eye strain

Symptoms of dry eyes are one reason why many people end up in an optometrist’s eye clinic. With dry eyes, your vision can become blurry and experience a burning and/or irritation sensation that can affect your entire eye health and comfort. On top of that, leaving it unattended can result in damage to your cornea. It’s not really as simple as just feeling some discomfort in your eyes.

There is no secret that digital eye strain causes dry eye symptoms and that is because nowadays everything we do involves digital screens. From reading with an e-reader to checking your smartwatch, not to mention the countless hours spent in front of phones and TVs. After all, what are you using to read this? We are constantly bombarded by technology and our eyes are the most affected ones. Did you know we blink way less when staring at these devices? Our expert optometrists could help educate you about this seemingly simple and common issue before it escalates and turns into something bigger.

6. Vision tests do not substitute an actual eye exam

So you passed your vision test and had your driver’s license renewed. Sadly, your vision test does not mean all is well with your eye. It only means you can see properly, at least for now. The same applies to children who seem to have passed their school’s vision test. Vision tests only detect serious visual problems that already affect the eyes’ ability to interpret images correctly (i.e. myopia, nearsightedness, or hyperopia, farsightedness). To detect underlying eye health conditions which could affect the ability to see (if left untreated), an actual eye examination is required. Opting for a routine eye exam can help you stop a defect in its early stages. Children 19 and under are covered for an annual eye health exam with a valid Ontario health card.

7. Myopia is on the rise

It has also been estimated that by 2050, 4758 million people will be myopic. This condition is occurring earlier in young children and at a fast rate. Myopia is a condition where objects that are near can be seen, but things at a distance prove more challenging to see. A regular eye examination is important, especially for kids, to spot the onset of this condition. With new myopia control solutions, our Optometrist can explain to you the many treatment options. Keep in mind that while it may occur at an earlier age, it is still very possible for it to occur as we age. You could beat the odds simply by staying one step ahead of them!

By now it should be clear how many benefits can come from having an annual eye exam. Checking up on our general health is a good rule of thumb: making sure our heart is okay, our blood levels are normal, our teeth are well taken care of, etc. Making sure our eyes are part of that checklist is very important and can be the cherry on top. We usually are not aware of how important our eye health is until there is an issue, but by that time it might be too late. Eye care is all about preventative care and resolving conditions early on can drastically improve a person’s quality of life and livelihood.

Annual eye exams help us be one step ahead by detecting and preventing eye conditions and some other bigger issues. Contact us if you would like to book an appointment, you could also call us at 647-952-1099 or click here to ask us a question. Our team of experts will be glad to help you in any way we can. Our top priority will always be your overall well-being and eye health, so give us a call and let’s take care of your eyes together.