Introducing our New Anti-Fog Cloth Solution!

Foggy lenses has been an ongoing issue for many activities such as skiing, snowboarding, being outside in cold weather, drinking hot coffee or tea, eating soup, cooking on hot stove and today’s COVID-19 pandemic having to wear a mask when meeting with people. Fortunately, we have a great solution for you to prevent your lenses from fogging. Our Anti-Fog Lens Cloth helps you keep your lenses clear of fog accumulation. Keeping your visual clarity is our highest priority, even when wearing a mask or doing all your special and fun activities.

Our A grade anti-fog cloth offers up to 8 to 10 hours of fog free lenses after each use. Our anti-fog cloths can be reused over 200 times. The anti-fog cloth is great for lenses with basic or premium anti-reflective multi-layered coatings. Please see instructions for application and tips below.

How to Use Our Anti-Fog Cloth

Watch the video below for a demonstration and how to use our anti-fog cloth.

Anti-Fog Cloth Tips & Facts

How to get your Anti-Fog Cloths?

To get your anti-fog cloths, please visit us in store at any of our several Kodak Lens Vision Centre locations in Toronto & Greater Toronto Area.

Each cloth is $12 + hst. If you purchase 3, you can get a 3 pack for $30 and you save $6!  

You can also purchase online by clicking on the link below!

Anti-Fog Cloth Benefits:


Q1: Will it prevent my lenses from fogging up completely?

The lens cloth will significantly reduce fogging on lenses. Various factors can influence the performance of
the cloth such as weather conditions, temperature, humidity level, fit of the frames, and position of the mask.

Q2: What is the cloth made of?

The cloth is made of the regular microfiber cleaning cloth material and is embedded with the anti-fog substance.

Q3: How long does the cloth last?

The lens cloth is good for up to 6 to 12 months and must be kept in its zipper plastic sleeve to preserve performance and efficacy.

Q4: After wiping, how long does the effect last?

The effect lasts 10 hours, unless you need to clean the glasses, then you must wipe again.

Q5: How many times can I use the cloth?

The cloth can be used for 200 activations.

Q6: When do I use the cloth?

We recommend using the cloth for when you have to wear a mask. The anti-fog cloth can also be used for swimming goggles, ski or snowboarding goggles or whenever you experience fog on lenses. 

Q7: Does it leave a greasy film on the lenses?

No, it doesn’t leave any residue.

Q8: Can I wash the Anti-Fog Lens Cloth?

No. We highly recommend not to wash the cloth as it effects the anti-fog properties/formula.

Q9. Is the Anti-Fog Lens Cloth reimbursable?

The Anti-Fog Lens Cloth is not reimbursable or refundable. Exchanges may apply if product is deemed under manufacturer defect. All Anti-Fog Cloths are considered final sale at point of purchase.

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