Beach Tips Perfect for Contact Lens Wearers

A random day at the beach will require a little more caution from a contact lens wearer, as you’ll be exposed to quite a lot of elements that could be harmful to your eyes. But don’t let that slow you down! Here are a few tips to ensure that you enjoy your visit to the beach.

If you go swimming make sure to use goggles

It would be quite ridiculous to recommend not swimming when at the beach, but doing so could help you avoid ruining your contact lenses or harming your eyes. Water is said to have bacteria that aren’t safe for contact lenses regardless of the source. This is because the bacteria can contaminate the contact lens or even get stuck between the lens and your eyes. This situation could be very harmful to your eyes. In extreme cases, the damage can be as severe as vision loss. But don’t worry, if swimming without your lenses is not an option for you, you can always use tight, waterproof swimming goggles, which is the only way to prevent water from getting to them and affecting your vision or eye health. So don’t forget to pack your goggles before heading out to the beach!

Keep lens solution and eye drops nearby

There is a chance that your contact lens will be irritated by the beach water, so it’s important to pack some hydrating eye drops and solution with you.  The multi-purpose contact lens solution will come in handy if you intend to take off your contacts to swim or for any other reason. You can simply store or rinse the contacts with some multi-purpose solution after you take them off and before you put them back on. Remember to bring your contact lens case for safe storage. 

You will need the eye drops to rinse your eyes if you feel that some sand got into them. Don’t make the mistake of using beach water to rinse your contacts, let alone your eyes, in such situations. Saltwater can cause serious eye irritations and extended eye-opening underwater can cause damage. Eye drops can also help you hydrate your eyes if they feel a bit dried out from all the wind blowing on the beach. A few drops should help you feel less irritated or itchy.

Make use of hand sanitizers
Considering the amount of sand and people at the beach, you cannot guarantee that your hands are clean enough. And because rinsing your hands with beach water is not a safe idea if you will be touching your eyes or contacts next, hand sanitizer solution is your best option for sterilization of any bacteria. To avoid contaminating your eyes, sanitize your hands before you take off your contacts and before you put them back on.

Make sure that your contact lenses have UV filters
Because the beach is most likely going to be very sunny, you should wear contact lenses with UV filters. UV filters will help protect your eyes from the sun as excessive sun exposure can develop eye conditions such as photokeratitis. A good sun hat, a pair of sunglasses and UV protection contact lenses such as Acuvue will also be your allies for safe and fun activities in the sun. 

Stay hydrated
Due to the harsh weather you might experience at the beach, hydration is important. This is because excessive sun or wind exposure can cause dehydration thereby potentially reducing the natural tears your eyes produce for hydration and comfort. Without these important tears, your eyes might feel dry and itchy. So make sure to drink enough water, consume juicy fruits, and reduce your intake of alcoholic drinks. You’ll be quite thirsty if you consume a lot of alcohol. 

Make use of daily disposable contact lenses
Let’s imagine you have reached the end of your sun-filed beach day. Your skin is glowing, you feel rested and your contact lenses have been through a lot, but it was all worth it! As soon as your day is officially over, it could be a safe idea to get rid of your contact lenses. After all the water, sand, wind, eye drops and more, throwing them away can help reduce the risk of getting your eyes infected. This is why you are better off using disposable contact lenses. This way you don’t have to waste long-term reusable contact lenses and you get to really enjoy your trip without fear of ruining your contact lenses. So have fun, just remember to take care of your contact lenses if you plan to keep using them throughout the day. These contact lens tips can make it a lot easier for you.

Avoid taking naps while wearing your contact lenses
The hot beach sun may be perfect for taking a nap, but before indulging in that simple pleasure, remember to remove your contact lenses. Generally, it is not advised to sleep with your contact lenses on and this is no different while you’re on the beach. Before taking that nap, take out your lenses and keep them safe in your contact lens case. Shield your eyes from the sun with a hat and enjoy the nice weather.


Make sure to be careful while you’re at the beach and see an eye doctor if you experience any contact lens concerns, problems or prolonged irritation afterward. Choosing your contact lens carefully can also help make your beach trip a lot easier, we have a wide range of quality contact lenses at Kodak Lens Vision Centres for you. Contact us or check out our website for more information and professional eye care tips for all your visual and eye health needs!