Have You Ever Been Told That You

Cannot Wear Contact Lenses?

By Dr. Cassandra Chung

When I ask my patients about contact lenses, oftentimes they tell me that an eye care provider once told them that they were not suitable for contact lenses for one reason or another. The thing is, contact lenses are improving and changing every single year. If you were not a candidate for contact lenses even two or three years ago, you may be now! Contact lenses are one of the largest markets in vision care, and as such, developments and technology in this field are astounding.

If you have been told that you cannot wear contact lenses because:

  • You have dry eyes
    You need a progressive or bifocal prescription
  • You have astigmatism
  • You have a very high prescription
  • You have an irregular cornea (keratoconus)
  • You are too young or too old
  • You only want to wear them every once in a while
  • Please do not be discouraged! Many patients come to me with these concerns and oftentimes I am able to offer something new to them.
  • With developments in contact lens technology, we can now offer:
  • Healthier, more comfortable high oxygen lenses, some of which are designed specifically for people with dry eyes.
  • Multi-focal contact lenses for those who wear progressives or bifocals. These lenses allow for vision at distance, intermediate and near all in one lens.
  • Astigmatism and high prescription correcting contact lenses.
  • Hybrid, rigid or scleral contact lenses. These types of contacts are excellent for people who have conditions that cause an irregular cornea, such as keratoconus. Oftentimes, these types of lenses provide better vision than spectacles for those with these conditions.
  • Another type of rigid lens is used in a treatment called orthokeratology. This type of lens is used for young nearsighted people who are looking for a way to correct their vision without having to ever wear glasses. This technology is especially recommended for children and young adults with a family history of nearsightedness, as it is proven to slow down the prescription progression.
  • Contact lenses for children. Contact lenses are often thought of as something for teens and adults, however many of my young patients use contact lenses. Whether these lenses are for orthokeratology, for kids that want better vision while playing sports, or for kids with thick glasses, there may be something that is suitable for your child.
  • Daily, bi-weekly, or monthly soft disposable contact lenses. Some people wear their contacts 7 days a week. Others only want them for vacation, or to go to a special event. Now, there are contact lens modalities for every lifestyle.
  • A wide range of beauty lenses, for prescription or non-prescription! Coloured contact lenses are incredibly popular, and now, we can offer coloured contacts in a high oxygen lens material. Circle lenses or natural enhancement lenses are also now available in the Canadian market.

If you or someone you know has always wanted to have an option outside of their glasses, or just wanted a change in their look, contact lenses may be the way to go! Contact lenses are an excellent option for vision correction for many different people.

Please do remember that contact lenses are a medical device and should only be used under the guidance of an optometrist or optician. For those who have never worn contact lenses, or have not worn contact lenses for several years, should always be fitted with an appropriate lens by an optometrist. Even if you are a regular contact lens wearer but want to try something different, a trip to your optometrist will allow them to help you choose a lens that will give you the best vision and the healthiest option for your eyes.

Summer is coming up! If you’ve been thinking about trying or getting back into contact lenses, now is the time – and a visit to your local optometrist is all it takes.

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