Specsy Announcement

Specsy Announcement: Unfortunately due to operational changes during Covid, Specsy is in the process of shutting down services. – May 9, 2022

Specsy: Bespoke 3D Printed Eyewear

We are always on top of eye care innovation at Kodak Lens | Toronto Eyecare. We would like to introduce Specsy. Together, we are offering bespoke​ ​3D​ ​printed​ ​eyewear designed & made specifically for you.

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 On October 6, 2017, Specsy has announced the launch of their technology driven 3D printed custom eyewear line. Offering custom frames that are designed in-store with augmented reality and crafted through 3D printing, Specsy is leading the way in frame innovation. On June 23, 2018, Specsy provided us with training and a retail ready app to design custom glasses tailored to the patient’s aesthetic preferences and technical requirements. The Specsy app uses augmented reality, allowing patients to design frames on a live image of their face. We use Specsy’s patent pending measurement tool to verify all dimensions of the patient’s custom frames, including bridge and temples.

“After extensive research and development, we are thrilled to be introducing cutting edge innovation and technology to the optical field” said Milan Madhavji, Specsy’s Head of Product Development.

Based out of Ontario, Specsy utilizes an in-house multi-colour 3D printer to craft their frames. By taking advantage of the most cutting edge technology available in 3D printing, Specsy frames achieve a durability level previously unattainable in 3D printing. Kodak Lens | Toronto Eyecare is offering a custom Specsy frame for $450 CAD. Click here to receive 10% off on your order. With a plastic resin frame forming their core collection, Specsy has their eyes set on offering a custom metal frame in the first quarter of 2018 and new innovative materials into the future. More information is available on their website specsy.com.

About​ ​Specsy

Based out of Toronto, Specsy was started with the belief that glasses are one of the most intimate items you share with the world. So why, in a land full of curated coffees, personalized playlists, and customizable everythings, are we still mass producing glasses? Using our expertise for 3D printing in the field of healthcare, we decided that it was time for a shift. Our goal is simple: craft 3D printed, one-of-a kind glasses that are the perfect fit for your style and shape. Specsy uses cutting edge, multi-colour, 3D printers to create a foundation. After the 8 hour printing process, the one-of-a-kind frames spend 3 days going through a multi-step finishing procedure while being assembled and inspected by hand.