Kodak Lenses For Kids!

Kodak Lenses for kids is a brand that you can trust.

We’re dedicated to children’s healthy eye sight – because nothing is more important than helping their learning and growth.

We know that 80% of children’s learning is vision based; that’s why we take their eye sight seriously. The challenge is that children with vision issues may not realize they are not seeing well, and are unlikely to ask for help.

As a result, almost 20% of school age children have a correctable vision issue that would impact their ability to learn in school. 60% of children with a learning disability require glasses to see.

Eye exams are covered under OHIP, up to the age of 20, when you show your child’s health card. Though it may seem odd, eye exams are recommended for children starting at 6 months old and annually from the age of 3 and up. Make sure your child receives an annual check up to ensure they get a 20/20 start.