Top 6 eye drops we carry​

Are you experiencing dry eyes or redness and not sure what you can do about it? We always recommend booking an eye examination appointment to make sure there isn’t a bigger issue behind your discomfort. In addition to that, we have a wide variety of eye drops that can provide immediate relief and comfort. If you don’t have time to browse through our online webstore, don’t worry! Follow this guide and check out the best options we have available right now. We discuss our favorite Optometrist approved eye drops and how each product can provide you with a solution for short-term and long-lasting relief. Read on to discover which eye drops will be best for your eyes! If you have any eye care questions, please reach out and we would be happy to help.

Relieves redness? Preservative Free? Can be used with Contact Lenses? Good to use for __ months after opening
Lumify x 3
Hylo x x 6
Free Multidose
x x 6
Thealoz Duo x x 6
I DROP x x 12



Lumify is currently in a category of its own as our main eye-enhancing drop. It significantly reduces redness, helping your eyes look whiter and brighter. Lumify reduces the risks of rebound redness and does not limit the flow of oxygen to your eyes as other redness-relieving eye drops do. This is thanks to its low-dose OTC brimonidine, which is a topical vasoconstrictor that has been proven to alleviate ocular redness1.

Lumify is the number one eye doctor-recommended drops for relieving redness and has an FDA-approved clinically tested formulation2. With the astonishing results and wide acceptance of Lumify, it had to top our list of the best eye drops we carry.


The Hylo eye drops were developed to provide comfort for dry eyes and we are proud to have a wide range of options available. Hylo has created a line of products to help with varying eye conditions. Depending on the severity of the dry eye condition, you may need a different type of Hylo drops like the Hylo Dual or Hylo Gel. Hylo Dual has a specific focus on those with allergies while Hylo Gel addresses more severe dryness. Hylo eye drops are all housed in a patented bottle that delivers the perfect drop size every time with the click of a button. This bottle also keeps each drop sterile which allows for all Hylo products to be preservative-free. The product is made with the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid that’s naturally found in the eyes3. It works by forming a lubricating film on the eye surface, relieving burning and foreign body sensations in the eye.

BioTrue Preservative-Free Multidose

BioTrue eye drops make our list as our most affordable preservative-free lubricating eye drop. Biotrue eye drops can be used with both soft and hard lenses and can last up to six months after opening. BioTrue is also suitable for post-Lasik surgery and offers refreshing relief for dry, tired, teary, or burning eyes. Thanks to its preservative-free formulation it has high tolerability for the eyes, thereby providing instant soothing and natural hydration. This clear eye drop solution also works through a multi-dose system that is safe to use, and it has hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) as one of its components, which is designed to maintain the eye’s ideal lubrication3, making this a comprehensive and highly useful eye drop for dry eye relief.


Evolve Daily Intensive

Evolve Daily Intensive soothing drops make our list because of their unique blink-adaptive viscosity feature, which helps the product stay longer in your eye, providing a long-lasting solution to dry eyes. They protect corneal epithelial cells and are ideal for everyday use. These eye drops are perfect for mild to moderate dry eyes. You can use the Evolve Daily Intensive with contact lenses and they are preservative and phosphate free, making them extra gentle on the eyes. The drops also come in patented easy-to-squeeze bottles and have a secure antimicrobial twist cap. This is clearly a product that has its consumers in mind and strives to make life easier for them, so it is no wonder we have to praise it as one of our best eye drops.


Thealoz Duo

Thealoz Duo is another preservative-free option that helps with relief from dry eye symptoms. This eye drop focuses on hydrating and protecting the eye for moderate to severe dry eyes. Thealoz Duo contains two proven dry eye therapies in one bottle. The first is a natural substance called Trehalose present in many plants and animals that survive in extremely dry conditions. The second is Hyaluronic acid, a gentle solution that lubricates with long-lasting relief. With these two proven dry eye therapies, Thealoz Duo provides hydration, bioprotection, and regeneration of the eye’s surface. The eye drop has no preservatives or phosphates and can be used with contact lenses. Thealoz Duo also helps increase tear film thickness, which reduces dry eye symptoms and damage to the eye’s surface.


There is no question about it, I-DROP PUR and its sister products (I-DROP MGD, I-DROP PUR GEL, I-DEFENCE, I-RELIEF, I-LID-N-LASH, and I-LID-N-LASH PLUS) are a must on our list. This is because it is the only contact lens-compatible, visco-adaptive, preservative-free eye drops available. Their patented bottle can continue to be used even 12 months after opening while still maintaining sterile eye drops for each application. These are premium eye drops that effectively and quickly help to relieve dry eye symptoms. They are specifically made to bring immediate relief, provide guaranteed comfort, and they’re non-blurring upon application. Their formulation is what truly sets them apart: the drops are viscoadaptive and contain a mixture of 0.18% HA and glycerin, which makes it possible for the drops to move back and forth across the surface of the eyes as the user blinks. They offer a longer residence time, higher hydration capability, and stability of the lipid layer of the tear film. If you want superior comfort for your eyes, go for the I-DROP PUR drops for a relieving experience.

Now that you know the best drops we carry, you’re ready to make an informed decision! Give them a try and find the product that best suits your needs. Remember, If you buy any three nutraceutical products from us, you will get 10% off! You can visit our website to place your order or contact us for an eye examination prior to choosing a product if you’d like us to provide further guidance to help you make the best decision for your eye care needs.