Why should you see an Optometrist for a contact lens fitting?​

Having a clear vision enables us to experience the world around us in authentic ways. Good eyesight is essential for numerous reasons ranging from an improved quality of life to the ability to complete everyday tasks. We have to take proper care of our eyes to maintain our vision and enjoy optimal eye health. As our needs change, the ways in which we care for our eyes can also vary. Although wearing glasses and contact lenses are some of the best methods of vision correction available, they differ in their functionality.

Unlike eyeglasses, wearing contact lenses can be practical for people who have an active life given that you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty or steaming up. Since they sit directly on the eye, they do not have the tendency to fall off while you are going about your daily activities. Contact lenses are great, but you have to make sure you are wearing the right ones for you. Your unique contact lens prescription enables you to use contact lenses that fit properly and can result in the best vision correction method for you. To get this particular prescription, we recommend you book a contact lens fitting appointment with one of our optometrists, they will ensure the process is done correctly and will keep your overall vision health as their top priority.


What is an Optometrist?



An optometrist is a healthcare professional who specializes in primary care of the eyes. They are licensed to practice optometry, which includes examining the eyes, diagnosing and treating any disorders or diseases affecting vision. They can also provide prescriptions and treatment necessary for vision correction. Although they are not medical doctors (MD), they have a doctor of optometry degree (OD), which means they are highly qualified for this and a range of multiple other eye-health-related procedures1

What does an optometrist do?

Optometrists carry out a number of functions including:

  • Providing comprehensive eye health exams through various testing
  • Prescribing contact lens and eyeglasses prescriptions for each specific visual need
  • Assessing, monitoring, and treating eye conditions, diseases and abnormalities
  • Prescribing eye medications and offering vision correction aids and therapy.2
  • Recommending eye health advice and a full suite of eye care services

What is a Contact Lens Fitting?


A contact lens fitting is another specific process that an optometrist can assist you with. It involves assessing your eye health to determine if you’re a good contact lens candidate. The fitting will also help accurately determine and finalize your contact lens prescription through eye health and visual testing. You will undergo a contact lens exam that measures and assesses your pupil, cornea, and tear film.

During this process, the optometrist will check for any changes in vision or eye conditions that can affect your contact lens-wearing experience. Our optometrist will help determine the exact contact lens power and size that you require for clear vision and comfort. A contact lens prescription requires a different refraction compared to eyeglasses because contact lenses rest directly on your cornea whereas eyeglasses fit on your nose and are slightly away from your eyes. This slight distance (approximately 12 – 15 mm) can impact your overall vision. Using an eyeglass prescription for contact lenses may not lead to the best visual experience you’re looking for and that is why we recommend seeing an optometrist for a comprehensive contact lens fitting.


Why Should You See an Optometrist for a Contact Lens Fitting?


Some people might think their eyeglasses prescription is the same as the contact lens prescription, but that’s not true. This is why the process of getting contact lenses might not be as easy as simply choosing a brand and hoping that it meets your vision correction needs. It is not enough to select the pair that says “astigmatism” and input prescription numbers that you think are correct, there are a few more steps involved to make sure you’re buying quality contact lenses that will provide you with the necessary vision correction and comfort.

That is where our experienced optometrist comes in. Our optometrist will help you choose the best contact lens suitable for your lifestyle and eye health needs. The contact lens fitting process covers different testing and steps that are all focused on maintaining your overall vision, eye health and finalizing the perfect contact lenses for you. At each step of the way, the optometrist will gather the necessary information to make a recommendation while checking for any eye conditions or complications that could interfere with wearing contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses with the incorrect size can lead to discomfort and cause eye strain, infections, injury, and eye health issues3. An optometrist will ensure that you get fitted without compromising on your comfort so you can receive a great visual experience.


Benefits of Booking a Contact Lens Fitting


Contact lenses can help correct many refractive errors and lead to clearer vision. Without the right fit, they can lead to discomfort and contact lens complications such as red eyes, irritation and possibly infection. A contact lens fitting can help you determine your contact lens prescription and brand so that it meets your lifestyle and visual needs.

Benefits of a contact lens fitting include:

  • Getting the exact measurements for your cornea so that your contact lenses are comfortable and fit naturally on the front surface of your eyes.
  • Being able to update your contact lens prescription as it can change over time. When your contact lens prescription changes, you can start experiencing symptoms like eye strain, squinting, or eye fatigue.
  • Learn proper contact lens care and be trained to insert or remove them carefully to prevent any eye problems like an eye infection.
  • Have the opportunity to trial all types of contact lenses and technology to best match your eyes and visual needs
  • Aside from finding the correct contact lens size, ensuring you have the right type will also be important. There are many kinds of contact lenses to choose from, such as soft contacts, hard (RGP – Rigid Gas Permeable) lenses, multifocal lenses, toric lenses for astigmatism, disposable daily lenses, monthly lenses and much more. Our optometrist will be glad to help you make the right decision for you.
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Our optometrists are highly experienced professionals who are ready to help you maintain your eye health and achieve long-lasting comfort with your contact lenses. If you are looking to book a contact lens fitting, our team of optometrists at Kodak Lens Vision Centres will be glad to help you. We provide premium eye care and contact lens solutions that start with experienced fitting services. Our team will attend to you with the care that your eyes deserve so that you receive the right prescription and maximum comfort from your contact lens.

Still interested in trying contact lenses? We recommend booking a consultation with us. Our eye care professionals will help assess and address your visual, eye health and contact lens candidacy so that you can finally experience all the great benefits of contact lenses.