Our Eyewear Fashion Trend Predictions For 2024​

2024 is here! If you are searching for some trendy eyewear to usher in the new year, we have a pretty good idea of what will stand out.

Eyewear fashion trends are here to stay and to help add to a person’s unique style and character. They allow us to show our personality and express ourselves through different details and elements that add to our overall presence as well as help keep our vision sharp and clear.

2023 was all about thin filigree frames, oversized frames, sustainable eyewear, minimalist elegant frameless eyewear, transparent frames, and more. Which of these trends will continue? What new eyewear fashion trends do we expect? Here are our eyewear fashion trend predictions for 2024.

1. Thin Metal Frame Glasses

Thin-frame glasses are not going anywhere. In 2024, we are likely to see increased interest in thin metal frame glasses, likely on the black to gold colour preferences, perfect for a variety of skin tones.


For an everyday look, you can grab a pair of affordable, but high-quality unisex metal frames from a leading Korean eyewear brand, Matsujaki. Looks similar to the most famous wizard’s eyeglasses, Harry Potter. Don’t worry, you can copy his magical style.

ii. Christian Lacroix CX3089

For a more luxurious option, consider the CX3089 Christian Lacroix frames featuring an antique gold coat. The round-to-oval frames are perfect for women.

iii. Christian Lacroix CX3073 

For a trendy unisex option, there are the CX3073 Christian Lacroix frames available in Gold and Black Gold.

2. Bold Colours 

The bold colour trend is set to continue on every fashion front, including eyewear. We predict bold individual colour trends to colour blends. Some notable bold colourful frames in this regard include:

i. Christian Lacroix CX1126 RED

These bold frames are the epitome of flamboyant intrepidity. The reddish-acetate frames are perfect for women keen on making a fashion statement in 2024.

ii. Christian Lacroix CX1118 BLUE

For that bold, trendy look, you can settle for the blue colour option inspired by Maison Christian Lacroix’s Haute Couture accessories collection.

iii. Onnix ESS P3921

Onnix has a bold pink trendy, but affordable feminine option in their ESS P3921. The eyewear offers smart savings without compromising on design, material, elegance, and timeless classic craftsmanship.

3. Colour Gradient Eyeglasses

Colour gradient eyeglasses experienced a slight dip in popularity in the 2020s. However, there is renewed interest in the trend, with the focus shifting to subtle gradients coupled with minimalist to retro-inspired frames that showcase a contemporary twist on classic style eyewear.

i. Onnix ESS P3921

Check out these blue cream gradient frames that are perfect for that classic contemporary unisex look.

ii. K+ RO27

Kodak Lens Vision Centre’s very own in-house eyewear brand has affordable, high-quality, fashionable, and comfortable colour gradient eyeglasses in blue/black.

iii. ROOTS RTV 1007

For that premium round colour gradient eyeglass look (tortoise colour), consider the ROOTS RTV 1007 featuring thin metal frames. Check out the blush colour.

iv. VUE V1063

Those who love Brown blue gradients can consider VUE’s V1063 pair of glasses (unisex) made of acetate.

4. Clear Frame Glasses 

2024 will also likely see a continuation of the clear-frame glasses trend that began in the 2020s. We predict this trend will come alongside experimentation with a spectrum of styles and colours.

i. Onnix ESS P3921

Onnix’s crystal frame glasses are a great example of timeless unisex craftsmanship bound to stand the test of time.

ii. VJOM542 by Jones New York

For clear frames infused with a spectrum of styles, consider Jones New York’s VJOM542 glasses.

5. Geometric Frames (Hexagonal Frames)

Geometric or angular frames featuring a variety of geometric shapes have been a popular trend for a while. We expect this trend to continue, with less popular geometric shapes gaining more traction. Hexagonal frames, for example, are likely to trend this year, given their suitability for all face shapes and their ability to give out a modern, stylish, but professional look.

i. Alfred Sung AS 5331

These designer hexagonal frames offer the perfect mix of classic style and contemporary unisex glasses going into 2024.

ii. Christian Lacroix CX3077

For more luxurious hexagonal frames, consider Christian Lacroix’s black gold frames or rose frames made from metal.

6. Round Frames 

We also expect circular frames to continue trending due to their timeless and classic charm. They are also versatile, given their suitability with a variety of facial features and shapes. The current revival of vintage eyewear styles and continued celebrity appeal will likely push the round eyewear trend into 2024.

i. Champion CU1001H & Champion CU2027

Champion eyewear has some stylish and comfortable rounded frames in matt gun and tort brown/gold colours. These unisex frames also stand out for their durability.

ii. Christian Lacroix CX1118

Check out Christian Lacroix’s luxurious black or tortoise frames for that creative and luxurious round frame design and colour detail unique to the eyewear brand.

7. Oversized Glasses

Oversized frames date back decades. The current modern resurgence was sparked by celebrities like Paris Hilton in the early 2000s. Since then, the trend has seen expansion, with designers experimenting with different frame shapes, materials, and colour combinations. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner have also been linked to this trend.

We predict a continuation of the larger frames trend into 2024 and beyond, with a focus on minimalist and retro styles. The 70s oversized rectangular frames and square frames, featuring modern updates, are highly likely to take over this year.

i. Christian Lacroix CX3071

To get ahead of this 2024 trend, consider Christian Lacroix’s CX3017 luxurious oversized square glasses that come in a light gold colour.

8. Blue Light Eyewear

Lastly, we expect blue light eyewear to trend going forward. This type of eyewear isn’t restricted by shape, frame type, size, etc. Blue light eyewear is simply glasses that feature ophthalmic lenses designed to block blue light.

Constant exposure to blue light over a prolonged time has been linked to mild symptoms like eyestrain and fatigue to serious eye health concerns like retinal cell damage and vision conditions like age-related macular degeneration, eye cancer, cataracts, and more¹. The importance of getting eyewear that offers protection from blue light can’t therefore be overlooked. 

Luckily, you can get blue light filtering lenses in Toronto (BluSelect) from Kodak Lens Vision Centre. It’s also possible to upgrade your current lenses to be blue-light blocking. Select a frame to add blue light-blocking lenses. Alternatively, you can bring your own frame. You can click here to find out more about blue light and its effects. You can also click here to ask us a question about Kodak Lens blue light lenses and eyewear.

Wrapping Up…

We hope you find eyewear that matches your personal style in our 2024 eyewear trend predictions. Feel free to grab one or more of these options and start 2024 in a trendy style.

All the eyewear fashion trend predictions for 2024 listed above can be explored on the Kodak Lens online Lookbook with a wide variety of frames based on price, category, gender, bridge type, product shape, product material, polarization, and more. Browse through and find the trendy eyewear and sunglasses you want and like.

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