If you love spending time out on the water, you know that it can be difficult to find the right pair of sunglasses. You want to reduce the glare off the water without compromising light, and want to wear something that’s both comfortable and built to last.

Known for being the clearest lenses on the planet, Costa sunglasses are made by fisherman for fisherman and are ideal for those who love to spend time in the outdoors.

Available in glass or plastic lenses that offers 100% UV blockage and 100% polarization. Both types provide superior clarity. The glass lenses are scratch resistant, have the greatest clarity, and the Costa LightWAVE™ glass is 20% lighter and 22% thinner than average polarized glass. The plastic lenses are impact resistant, extremely durable and more lightweight than the glass lenses.

Costa Sunglasses lenses come in seven different colours, each specifically designed for individual purposes. The amber lenses deliver the brightest field of vision and are an excellent all-around lens. Pick these lenses for any situation where high contrast is needed, including driving and sight fishing. Their gray lenses maintain colour saturation and natural contrast in medium to bright sun conditions. If you are looking for a high contrast specialty lens that will allow the maximum light transmission, you want the sunrise lenses. These lenses are ideal for low light and to see more clearly during the early morning or late afternoon. The copper lens cuts glare and enhances contrast, making them perfect for fishing, driving and everyday activities. For enhanced visual acuity, choose the green mirror lenses. The silver mirror lenses optimize light transmissions and enhance colours. For superior contrast and colour in full sun while eliminating glare, opt for the blue mirror lenses.

At Kodak Lens Vision Centre, you will find a great selection of Costa Sunglasses, available in both prescription and non-prescription. All Costa Sunglasses are built by hand and backed with a lifetime warranty. The Kodak Lens Vision Centre team recently exhibited with Costa at the Toronto International Boat Show to offer their eye care expertise for prescription and non-prescription Costa Sunglasses.

KODAK Lens Vision Centre also specializes in KODAK Lenses, a unique combination of over 100 years of KODAK imaging expertise and the most advanced ophthalmic digital technology.

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